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Frankenstein's Baby

EPISODES 491-500

And I finally hit the number 500!!! What a glorious feeling..but more on that later~

Julia's one of many strangulations
*So Barnabas is still human and Adam aka Dr Lang's creation is aliiiivee! But boy if you've ever thought caring for a newborn is hard, try doing it with a newborn in a giant's body. Barnabas and Julia went through a painful first couple of days before they could get him to get used to them. During the week, when I was riding the bus or something I found myself chuckling just thinking about how Adam chased Julia around in the laboratory. When shit gets serious, Julia sure knows how to beat it. Barnabas has the major influence on Adam, since they're sharing Barnabas' life force and all. By the way, is it wrong to think Adam is one major-league hunk?

An odd family
*Barnabas and Julia bring Adam to the Old House, lock him up in the cellar so they could teach him tricks. Barnabas is the father figure whom Adam looks up to and yeah gets beaten by when he's a bad boy. Julia is responsible for many things like feeding, speaking and I bet there's an unmentioned changing the diapers thing assigned for her. Seriously though, why would a reanimated bundle of dead-meat need to eat? 
Willie is also told threatened into looking after Adam even though he's scared shitless (then of course when he gets used to him, he starts the taunting). There's an undeniable family formation here complete with a father, mother, big brother and the baby. Julia must be on cloud nine for playing house with Barnabas. However, let's give credit to the fact that this is the best portrayal of a somewhat functional family we've seen on the show so far.

Adam sightings/shootings
*Adam is big and strong and surely we didn't expect those chains on his feet to keep him bound forever. And if you have a runaway monster, surely people are bound to notice him just like when he got lost wandering around at the Collins family estate. He got told off by Mrs Johnson for trespassing; then tagged after Liz and got shot by Roger. David was the only who approached him friendly but remember we're talking about the boy who had ghosts for friends so it's pretty normal. The family doesn't know anything about Adam's connection with Barnabas, except for the fact that he's going around uttering his name (his first words, aww). Julia removes the bullet from his arm and all is well again in the cellar. Home Sweet Old House.

*I'm getting annoyed by the fact that Dr Lang's recorded message is missed by everybody. Has it been like 3 or 4 times already when people walked out of the room just when it started to play and Adam is the only one left to hear it? At this rate, he's gonna recite the whole thing before he can say "Mama".

Diamonds are Maggie's best friend
*Meanwhile for some crazy reason, Willie tries to entertain Adam with Josette's jewelry. And then he does a weirder thing by sneaking out a pair of ear rings and placing them in Maggie's purse. It turns out he's building a psycho-crush on the girl. When a surprised Maggie finds the ear rings and tries them on, she feels different. That is of course a reference to her days as Barnabas' captive which got erased from her memory thanks to Julia's hypno-medallion. Joe doesn't like that change in his girlfriend and they have their first fight over this. Well, there goes our dream couple. And also, Willie has a grudge against Joe which he shows by practicing with a rifle. I smell trouble and to be honest it excites me! Woo hoo @ Maggie exposure. (by the way, how funny was that when actress Kathryn Leigh Scott snapped off one of the ear rings during the scene and had to hide it dramatically)

Not moonlight sonata!
*Moving on to the other suspenseful events in show, David's short-time speechlessness got resolved when Cassandra lifted the curse after making him forget about the gazebo-kiss. He loves his new mother now cause she showers him with gifts. But as one member of the family forgets about the "affair", another one learns when Carolyn walks in on one of Cassandra and Tony Peterson's late-night gazebo rendezvouses. She threatens to tell her uncle Roger about it; Cassandra runs into the house like the slut she is (but mainly because she's recenty turned into a withering old woman which I'll get to later); Tony tries to reason with Carolyn but admits he's not the man he used to be hence is not worth falling in love with. All the soap opera cheese factor aside, this one was one of the best lit scenes ever since the show gone multicolor. Carolyn was especially stunning. You know, I always say she needs to be less whiny and more cool like that. Fuckin' A, Carolyn!

And the Oscar goes tooo...
*And of course The Dream Curse. Mrs. Johnson finally had the dream which she had dreaded so. But because the next victim would be David, she tried so hard to keep it to herself. Julia casually adviced her to leave Collinsport for David's sake which was actually pretty annoying considering she didn't make such a sacrifice so why should Mrs Johnson..who did actually get away albeit briefly but had to come back because the curse was driving her mad. That dramatic scene at the Old House with Julia was the best performance by Clarice Blackburn so far. So, kudos to her departed soul.
Anyway, Mrs Johnson had to get it off her chest and told David offscreen about the dream but she waited by his bedside at night to be there for him when he wakes up terrified. That was a heart-warming gesture. The curse then is passed on to Willie, who is yet to dream.

Here's the current sitch:
L to R: Maggie>Jeff>Lang>Julia>Mrs Johnson>David

Mrs Johnson's door opened to reveal a nest of bats which look like they're in the middle of an orgy. There's no question it points out Barnabas' vampirism.
David's door had a spider on a big web which he gets caught in. 
Some doors are skipped this time around, such as Dr. Lang's. Is it because he's dead and Adam's alive, we don't know.

Sam pays the price of
Dorian Graying Angelique
*And finally Barnabas' amazing plan against Angelique. Wanting to learn more about the connection between Cassandra and Angelique's portrait, he had Willie steal it from Collinwood and took it to Sam Evans. Then he asked Sam to age the portrait without asking questions. As Sam painted over it, Cassandra started to get older and older until she looked like a puffy old woman that is too funny to make fun of. Hiding under a cloak that covered her face (but showed her perfect looking legs for some reason), she located the Evans cottage and begged Sam to give her back the portrait. When he refused, she blinded him with magic and stole it. 
Later Julia examined the man and said the blindness may be permanent.
Will Sam be able to see again or will he go all emo and jump off Widow's Hill?
Will Barnabas be able to forgive himself for causing this?
Will Maggie be finally able to sneak Joe into her room now that her pap can't see and all?


So, number 500 huh? That means I'm almost half way there. I remember it like yesterday when I first started watching the show from the very 1st episode and three digit numbers seemed like one million episodes away. Right now , it doesn't seem that much really. My mouth still waters at the idea of hundreds of episodes and characters to come.
Now and then, I find myself missing the black & white and gothic times of the snow., when things were simple and the story was mainly focused on an orphan in search of her family. That story seems to be completely dropped now and I've found out it'll never be resolved within the show. But I'll address this issue more throughly later.
While watching the Beginning episodes, I was dying to get to the more complex supernatural episodes. Now that I'm here, I feel nostalgic when I see the old posts or come across to a clip from that era. What can I say, Barnabas totally stole the show and probably for better.
Cheers to #500!!! I'll make another dramatic speech on #1000, so a note to my future self: See you there!
And thanks to everyone who has been following this blog~

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