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The Collinsport Gazette Vol 2

(EPISODES 401-415 cont'd)

     Victoria Winters, the mysterious new governess of the Collins Family, has recently been arrested with the allegations of being a practitioner of witchcraft. Ms. Winters has been placed at the Collinsport Gaol where she met guard and lawyer-in-training Peter Bradford, who will be defending Ms. Winters at the upcoming trial. Various sources have reported that Ms. Winters denied the charges against her and asserted a strange claim of being "from the future where she worked for the descendents of the Collins Family". Majority of the Collins Family members hold Ms Winters responsible for the recent tragedies that have befallen on the family. However, Barnabas Collins was reported to be ready to defend the young woman just before his sudden departure to England. Victoria Winters was apprehanded by a Reverand Trask, who also served at the Salem Trials...More on Page 13


Damsel & Prince Charming
So what did I tell ya Vickster? You got yourself in some serious bull. Thank god now you have a Ken doll by your side to protect you. What an unsuspected minx, isn't she? I mean people search all their lives to find a proper partner and there she got herself one in a friggin' prison in another friggin' century. Let's see how she deals with Burke's death now! But I think Peter here is way better for our Vicki; least he's not 20 years her senior. Go camp Peter!!! Oh and I think he must be this century's Frank Garner. We always knew she had a thing for lawyers but this one is also a guard too. Think they're using the handcuffs yet?

Bad vs Good
She's now in a position where every situation works against her. All of Angelique's biddings have been associated with her. If that's not enough, whenever she tries to make things right by outing herself as a future-comer (and showing them the Collins Family history book from the future that she happened to bring with her for some reason), people get all the more convinced that she is indeed a witch. Thanks to Reverand Trask, every sensible thing that she says to prove her innocence (the very existence of the book for example) is passed off as "the way of the witch.." There's nothing more frustrating than fanatism. But I shall chillax; this is just a show and Vicki surely can't be hung as a witch here... Right?

Josette sees her portrait in the book
So we have almost every member of the family against her; with Abigail leading the mob (It's pretty hilarious when she is referred as the least wealthy member of the family or not mentioned at all. This is the eventual path to Sarah Johnson the maid.)
Josette (and her aunt Natalie) is pretty sure too after begging Vicki to spare Barnabas' life but he dies anyway. Poor Vicki even at that point tries to warn Josette about her death but that also comes out as more witchery. (However, Josette gets pretty terrified to learn her death will be by her own hand. Will she be a case of self-fulfilling prophecy remains to be seen)

Vicki tries to convince Naomi
Then something happens and Vicki remembers about little Sarah impending death. She gets Naomi down to the gaol and warns her about not letting Sarah out for the next two days as she'll die of fever caused by exposure. Naomi isn't sure whether to believe or slap her but as she has the gentle genes that will be carried down to Liz Collins for the next 150 years, she decides to listen to her and protect Sarah. However, Sarah has already left the house that night before her mother gets home. 

Let me stop here for a bit and elaborate something that I kinda skipped in the previous post. When Barnabas' body was sealed in the Collins Mausoleum, only the family members was to know about it. The rest of the town and little Sarah was told he left for England on an indefinite business trip. So one night when Barnabas (who's so far been sleeping in the coffin at the Mausoleum during the day and secretly drifting the streets at night) decides to hang around Collinwood, Sarah sees him from the window. This is why she runs after him at night and follows him to the cemetery where she gets locked up inside the Tomb (sigh ~ first David now her..or wait chronologically it'd be first her then David). When she's finally found, she is already seriously sick and unable to speak -once again Barnabas' secret is safe. 
Sarah tragically dies
Later, Barnabas secretly enters her room to check on her situation (he's blaming himself for what's happened and he should!!) and she dies in his arms, right after she says her farewell. So, now we know why Barnabas will be so obsessed with her ghost in the future. I also thought it'd be Angelique's voodoo that'll kill Sarah but it's actually pneumonia. Although we can say Angelique is sorta responsible as she was the one who put the curse on Barnabas that caused him to be at that place at that time and Sarah to follow him. That bitch messed up the whole family and died just like that!

So we have Barnabas' vampirism on one hand and a more pressing matter of Vicki's trial. Every finger is pointing at her as the witch; even her warning Naomi about Sarah is likely to look like a fake sympathy attempt while secretly casting a spell to kill the least that's what cousin Millicent thinks. Naomi is sorta pro Vicki but she can change her mind now that her son and daughter are dead. Let's see how they'll get out of this one.


Here are quick notes from the episodes before I finish:

  • There's still no counterpart of David in this timeline. A brother of Millicent was mentioned earlier but I think they're waiting for this mess to be solved before introducing him into the already crowded cast.
  • Josette's famous portait finally made its debut when it was sent to the Old House as a late wedding gift to the Barnabas & Josette couple. However, it arrived right after Barnabas married Angelique; but he had it put up over its famous position over the fireplace anyway which angered Angelique all the more. Oh well, she's dead now.
  • And speaking of it, I wonder when the rest of the people will notice her absence. After Barnabas killed her, Ben dug a grave for her and hid the body.
  • There's a side storyline going on about Millicent and Nathan's flirting. I took them as a comic relief at first but now they're suddenly talking about marriage. Nathan is definetly in it for the money and poor naive giggley Millicent is clueless.
  • I feel a weird sense of familiarity with Vicki's character as she witnesses history happen in front of her, knowing about the future and all that. But I feel this about watching the show itself, knowing some of the actors are gonna die in the next 40 years or how they'll look when they get older. It's a bit surreal and just a tad depressing.

    I have been ignoring the show and the blog for so long, I thought I was gonna give up on both, latter first and eventually the former. But I guess here I am again ~

    Tschüss til the next one!

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