Sunday, November 27, 2011

Death Works Overtime

EPISODES 416-430

-There's been none to little mourning for poor Sarah, no wonder she's haunting the grounds in 1968. Her father Joshua frowned a bit more than usual and her mother Naomi hit the booze. If none of the supernatural happenings won't kill her, cirrhosis will.

-Angelique's body may be dead but her spirit lives on in the form of a floating head that was previously used in action by Laura Collins. Must be a thing about blonde ambition.

-Barnabas for some reason can't bring himself to stake himself so he tries to get Ben to do it for him, which he can't cause of the floating head (see above).

-Just when Nathan and Millicent are planning their rather untimely and totally inappropriate marriage (what is this, "Four Weddings and Four Funerals"?) Suki Forbes, Nathan's long lost wife (or more like abandoned) shows up in town and pretends to be his sister so she can blackmail him better. I was like woo new character new mystery when BANG Barnabas kills the woman two episodes later. Is it his second, third victim? Should I count Angelique? It was pretty hilarious though when Millicent found out the whole truth and declared herself dirtied/ruined/soiled, just what Collinwood needs one more weeping widow. However, she's positively my favorite character in this timeline.


-Barnabas obviously never learnt his lesson with happened to Sarah so he went on to show himself to Josette. They fell in love again yada yada, love beyond grave and all that and Barnabas was getting ready to turn Josette into a vampire when the ever restless witch interfered and in a form of a vision showed Josette what kind of a monster she'll be turning into if she goes on with Barnabas' romantic plans. There rest we know: Josette. Widow's Hill. Body smashed against the rocks with entrails out in display. Barnabas going JOSEEEEETTE.

-Dark Shadows is many things: gothic, supernatural, soap opera and now court room drama. Vicki's witch trial has begun with Peter trying to defend her against Trask putting on some theatrics. Abigail and Natalie also testify against her. That Abigail knows how to make an entrance!! Things don't look so good for Victoria Winters I'm afraid.

-Barnabas' secret may also be in jeopardy with many people hanging around the Tomb: Millicent, Joshua, of them is bound to find out the truth! But who? Whooo?

-Trying to test the limits of his powers, our hopeless vampire literally tries to convince Josette to crawl out of her grave but she just wants to be left alone (what a lame scene, really). Josette eventully comes back but  supporting a hammerhead shark eye. Similar thing had also happened to Jeremiah which makes me wonder if there's something in town's soil.

-I just can't wait to go back to 1968.