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Six Hours Of Time Travel (And No Jet Lag)

EPISODES 623-627

Eve keeps bugging Peter regardless
 of the century
Angelique sends Eve back in time to the year 1795 (or '96, depending on which continuity you wanna take into account; the writers too were apparently confused) some weeks after Vicki's and mere hours before Peter Bradford's execution. Appearing at the Collinsport Gaol curiously dressed in period clothes, Eve learns    about Gloria Winters' Victoria Winters' hanging and how people in town are still confused by Vicki's replacement with some other woman at the gallows after the hanging (Am I the only one who still feels sorry for Phyllis Wick). We also learn Eve aka Danielle and Peter were about to get married when she killed Philippe Cordier and was forced to flee. In her absence of six months, Peter met Vicki and fell in love with her; something Eve isn't very happy about. She convinces the jailer to let her see Peter by shamelessly flirting.  Peter isn't thrilled to see her ("Look there's nothing between us anymore" Aww) and I am not even gonna point out the mishmash by asking how can Peter recognize Danielle in Eve's body in the first place. Eve learns Peter is innocent (remember he was covering for Vicki?) and decides to bust him out of jail. It seems that she forgot about Angelique's six hour rule or totally ignored it. Either way she is Eve; she can do whatever the hell she wants.

Collinwood now a sullen place
We cut to Collinwood to see what has become of the scattered Collins Family. Joshua Collins is still a bitter old man who cares about pride more than anything. Having read and inspired by The Collins Family History that Vicki had brought from the future, he decides to record the family history according the one in that book: Barnabas will be mentioned to have sailed off to England, Millicent has lived a life of spinsterhood and all that weird shit about Josette, Jeremiah, Naomi, Angelique will either be written out or changed in a plausible fashion. It is sort of a brainfuck that Joshua is copying the book which he had written in the first place. It's sorta like Kyle Reese going back in time to protect Sarah Connor and ending up being the father of John Connor, if not more complex. Since there can only be one family book, Joshua orders Ben Stokes to burn the Vicki's version; he doesn't believe in witchcraft but he does believe the book is cursed (?).

What was their connection,
we'll never know..
On his way to do his master's bidding, Ben is greeted by Eve. They obviously know each other and it's hinted that he helped her run away once, although he seems resentful about it (That's where I usually start to speculate a secret lesbian affair or something). Eve talks him into helping her free Peter because he is wrongly accused and all. She also manages to get her hands on the family history book, making me wonder how the hell a dolt like Ben is able to produce a genious of a descendant like Prof Stokes. Eve knows she's found a treasure and keeps hanging onto it despite Ben's naive protests to have it back. Ben has the horses ready outside the gaol but Peter has changed his mind about the prison break, mainly because of his eternal love for Vicki.  Yawn. He hands Eve a letter and is taken to the gallows shortly after. This gives Eve another cunning idea and she vanishes from the past with the book and the letter after six hours. Poor Ben must have spent his entire life looking for her and the book.

Eve: a true femme fatale
Eve arrives in the present time looking radiant as ever, hence the title of the post. But Nicholas is furious about her disappearance, so she lies to him about having taken a walk. A long walk indeed. When asked about the book, she says she grabbed it from Collinwood during their recent visit with Adam. Nicholas is suspicious but can't put his finger on it, so he tells her to be nice to Adam instead. So, Eve uses all her charm to fake being in love with Adam, which sends him over the clouds. If only he knew..

What, no gift receipt?
Unaware of the evil forces working against her, Vicki spends her time with dress rehearsals and opening wedding presents. Liz helps her through like she is her own daughter (well..) and Carolyn is nowhere to be seen. Maybe she's jealous. Vicki enjoys the gifts, especially the one from the orphanage. The issue of her origin is addressed very very briefly again, making me miss the good old gothic episodes. However, one particular gift wards off sweet memories of the past and brings up some ancient, nightmarish ones: The Collins Family History, with a card attached that says PETER! Oh no..

Collinwood has a wedding curse
Aaaand comes the day of the wedding and Vicki is in her dress, being comforted by Liz. Meanwhile, Jeff copes with his own nervousness when Eve approaches him on the terrace. She once again goes on and on about him being Peter Bradford and this time she has proof: The letter! This new evidence confuses him more than anything so he sends word with Roger that he wants to see Vicki ("Before the ceremony?" asks Liz rather baffled at his scandalous request). Vicki sees him nevertheless and Jeff comes clean about Eve's claims, as well as his own confusion concerning his identity. He needs to know who he is before he can marry her (although I don't see why this is an issue since both Peter and Jeff loved Vicki), so he goes off to the cemetery to dig up Peter B's grave. What is a good soap opera wedding without a last minute interruption, right? Good thing they didn't cast any guests or made a set for the altar, otherwise it would be a big waste of money. Come to think of it, they didn't show anything remotely close to a wedding ceremony except for Vicki's dress. This wedding was destined to be doomed even from the pre-production stage.
Anyway, Jeff digs up Peter's coffin with Roger literally looking down on him and is shocked to find it empty. That makes one of us. He goes through a dramatic phase questioning his existence and knocks down some styrofoam tomb stones in the process.

Meanwhile, Vicki has a vision of some sort, or more like a memory of her last encounter with Peter before she was taken to the gallows. He promised her he'd find a way to be with her, didn't he? When Roger returns without Jeff, she decides to go and see him despite Liz and Roger's protests.

Irretrievable Breakdown
But she ain't the only one who wants a piece of the Jeff pie. Eve is already at his place, bitterly looking at Vicki's headshot CV photo and waiting for Jeff to arrive. Then the door slowly opens and Eve calls out to her lover, only to find to her horror, Adam standing like a giant in the door frame. The jig is up and Eve is busted, so she has another nervous breakdown, her last, before Adam grabs and pulls her into the shadows. The dark shadows.

Later, Jeff arrives at his place unaware of the events that took place there a while ago and starts packing dramatically. Soon after, Vicki pays him a visit and they have a long, sorta boring talk about why they should and shouldn't stay together. Jeff is now almost convinced he is Peter Bradford and that's why they can't be together, because he may eventually go back to his time just like Vicki did. However a horrific discovery puts a halt on their fight: Eve's lifeless body in his closet!! After the initial shock, Vicki persuades him to call the police. They hug.
Nothing brings lovers together like a dead woman in the closet

Adam's in the woods, guilt and self-pity written all over his face. Angelique comes to his aid; she probably witnessed the whole thing on Nicholas' mirror. She sells Eve -her recent partner in crime- down the river in a haste and tells Adam that he did the right thing for Eve was an evil bitch and Nicholas intentionally made her that way. Angelique never wastes an opportunity to find an ally against Nicholas, so she tells Adam to go home and act surprised at the news of Eve's death. She has a plan!

The Mystery Jennings
That night far away from the ongoing drama, Joe, still at the hospital after his suicide attempt, is visited by a familiar face: His dead cousin TOM JENNINGS??!! Wait-- it isn't Tom the crooked eyed vampire but his cool twin brother Christopher "Chris" Jennings. He is in town to look into his brother's mysterious death. His obvious resemblance to Tom freaks out Julia as well (the earphones jumped out of my ears when she screamed), who too happens to pay Joe a mysterious late night visit (we all know she just wants a piece of that ass). Both Julia and Joe try to avert Chris' questions about Tom. When they're alone, Joe tells Julia a bit about his cousin. Once a bright fella, he has become this drifter after a mysterious event that changed him during college. A new delicious mystery. I like it! Chris gives Julia a ride to Collinwood where we get to learn more about the Jennings family. There's a little sister Jennings who got placed in the Windcliff Sanitarium after Tom's death and Chris is hesitant to see her.

Vicki rushes in when Chris rushes out and tells Julia about the murder and Jeff's arrest. Julia is shocked to hear the name "Eve". Vicki runs to wake Roger so he can bail Jeff out.

"The Master" is inflamed
Somewhere else, at her hidden place, Angelique puts her plans into motion and performs a summoning of what she calls "The Master" from the mouth of the dragon and of the beast, from subterranean rivers of blood and smoke of torment and other big, scary words. So big and scary that it hints some supreme shit is about to happen. Then at the highest ecstatic moment of her chant, Angelique gets engulfed in flames and screams at the top of her lungs.


*Eve is dead. Boo Hoo! :(

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