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the Second Second Chances

EPISODES 633-641 

Dark Maggie
Eve's body had been dug up by Harry J. and Nicholas and now lies once again on the operating table in the make believe laboratory and YAY there's no scratch on her. Julia and Barnabas look weary, going "Not this shit again" when Nicholas arrives with that stupid, face-stretching smile. Barnabas teases Nicholas about his obsession with the "second chances" and how they blow up in his face. He lets the warlock know that Tom is dead and god knows what will happen to Eve. Adam's also there, still hopeful after all that happened he will get the mate he wants. You can't help but feel sorry for him. Then, the guest of honour arrives, the life source of the experiment: Maggie Evans!! Barnabas and Julia instantly protest against her involvement but she claims to really wanna go through with it. So that was all that black ceremory altar thing was about? To brainwash Maggie? And didn't Nicholas brainwash Carolyn before for the very thing without ever doing something as dramatic as that? It seems to me the only effective thing that came out of that cliffhangery ceremony is Maggie's hair. It got darker (If it is a conscious choice, bravo!). But still, even that won't mean she is the evil queen of hell or anything. Keep reading~

The final experiment with deadly consequences (plus Barnabas' smile)
When Barnabas refuses to have Maggie provide the life force, Nicholas uses his powers to make Adam's heart slow down, which directly effects Barnabas. They have no choice but do what Nicholas says. So the experiments starts again with the regular beeps and sizzles. But Barnabas doesn't wanna hurt Megster, she doesn't deserve this. So, he goes on and wrecks the equipment just when Eve starts to come alive and Maggie go dead. And at that moment, shit really hits the fan. Nicholas gets furious as a bull and attacks Adam. Barnabas and Julia manage to get Blair off him and this time Adam goes mad. Nicholas flees from the house and Barnabas runs behind him despite Julia's protests. Then Adam notices Eve's body has turned into a skeleton and goes into a little shock. Meanwhile Julia realizes Maggie is alive but has lost her memory in the process. It is like a chain of events from hell!! And Julia tries to boost up Maggie's memory by making her listen to Josette's music box and look at her portrait. What is she trying to do? Drive the girl over the edge? Outside, probably on Widow's Hills, Nicholas pleads with his Master to give him "another chance" (pfft!) but instead Diablos sets him on fire. Barnabas enjoys the spectacle like a maniac.

Adam's last act of terror
But Adam wants his revenge for what Barnabas did to Eve's remains, so he rushes to Collinwood to kidnap Vicki (the eternal victim). Carolyn catches him in the act and tries to talk him out of it, to no avail. He strangles Carolyn and leaves with Vicki. Later, Barnabas finds Carolyn just as she's gaining her consciousness. While he listens to what went on, Adam attacks Julia in the Old House. Then he has Vicki strapped to the operating table and randomly pushes some buttons to kill her. Barnabas and Julia try to unlock the door to the basement as Adam fights his conscience that appear in forms of Julia and Carolyn (It is important to point out that these two characters have been referred to as being Adam's "mother" and "object of desire" respectively. An in-depth psychoanalytic reading of this whole storyline would be much fun). Barnabas and Julia eventually find a way in and Barnabas shoots Adam when he won't stop, knowing pretty well he'd be hurt himself. Aww, he loves Vicki more than anything; what a gentleman. Adam's shot on the shoulder (good aim Barnabas, unless of course you were shooting to kill) and runs away, refusing Julia's help. Vicki is beat but alive. All is serene in Collinwood. Well, not really.

'Cause you're beautiful; no matter
what they say
Adam makes his way to his old pal Prof Stokes' house since every other one of his acquaintances are either angry with him or in hell. There, they have Adam's wound treated by a physician that is not Julia Hoffman (the shock!). Adam is desperate, bleak and finally out of that green sweater. Prof. Stokes briefly voices Adam's history and where they went wrong with him. A nice little look-back on behalf of his final episode, that is. All of Adam's problems comes down to his inferiority complex about his monsterous appearance ("I can't change. I'm too ugly". This concept recalls Didier Anzieu's "Skin-Ego" theory). Stokes suggests such a change is possible via cosmetic surgery. As funny as it may be imagining Adam having his brows lifted and lips injected with collagen, I think it is fitting that science comes to the aid of a creature made by science in the first place. Anyway, their convo is interrupted by an unexpected knock on the door and it is Jeff Clark asking to see the Professor. Adam is sent to the other room for one last time and we never see him again.

Vicki literally holds Jeff together
Jeff has apparently been bailed out and cleared off the murder charges, and now he is asking for Prof Stokes' help to remember his past. And the ritual, that involves Jeff eating some leaves and herbs in romantic candle light, begins. Once in trance, he writes down his name as "Peter Bradford" on a paper and recites the story of how he pleaded to see Vicki once again before she was hanged. At that moment Vicki appears at the door, having heard Jeff call out in her sleep. She holds him and tells their love has transcended time and reunited them here as a colorful glow surrounds the couple. I don't know when she's become the expert on this but Vicki says if Jeff wants to stay in this century, "they" will let him. Jeff declares rather victoriously that he does and they shamelessly suck each others' face in front of the Professor, who might as well go on a mate-hunting trip with Adam after this envy-inducing, glorious show of affection.

Liz would rather be sleeping
And what better way to celebrate an extraordinary union that even time itself can't hinder than with a very tedious and heterosexist festivity that is the institution of marriage! It is after midnight and the marriage arrangements are being made. Liz is asked to be the witness while she was on her way to bed. Being nice and anal retentive, she accepts the honours. Meanwhile, Jeff is once again moody and doubtful, pulling Vicki's mood down as well. They just can't stay happy for an hour straight without one of them pulling an emo out of the hat, can they? But the ceremony is performed anyway and Liz couldn't have looked more bored (I'd say she was even jollier during her own turn at the altar with Jason McGuire). Afterwards, Jeff and Vicki make a toast to themselves in the Collinsport Inn where they will be spending their honeymoon. I'd advise them to stay away from the room Chris Jennings is staying but then they won't need a werewolf when they have Jeff to bring down their spirits. Vicki once again has to console him. Speak of the worst honeymoon!

Later that night (one of those long, long nights), Barnabas is crushed after hearing about Vicki's sudden wedlock event, to which he wasn't even invited thank your very much. So, he spends the night with Julia wondering about Adam's whereabouts and trying to locate Angelique in case she didn't disappear after Nicholas' demise. They find her empty coffin and Nicholas' broken magic mirror that leads them to believe Angelique will be with them again. Sure, she will; the woman is like a cat with ninety lives.

Dissolving Jeff
The sun rises and the newlyweds are still busy crossing the borders between bliss and gloom. Vicki gives Jeff a wedding gift that she meant to do after their original wedding: A watch that has some unoriginal love words inscribed on the back. Jeff has nothing to give to her, not shockingly, but his love will do. Then Jeff gets immersed in the past again as the same glow surrounds him. They panic and Vicki tries to make him fight the urge to be pulled back in time. However, it doesn't work this time and Jeff fades away right in front of her eyes. Enter Vicki's hysteric screams. I don't wanna point fingers but seems like Barnabas has jinxed it.

In shock, Vicki returns to Collinwood and faints, too bad there's nobody in the room to witness the dramatic performance (although I have to admit I thought it was a nice scene). She is found by Liz shortly after and she tells what has happened after gaining her consciousness. Meanwhile, Julia is at Maggie's doing some damage-check (and it beats me how the hell she got in her room). It seems Maggie now has her memory back minus the last couple of hours. Julia lies to her that she fainted after rejecting Nicholas' proposal that made him leave the town for good. Maggie isn't sad, actually she's kinda relieved (that may support my theory about her involvement with Blair being spell related, rather than free will). Then, Julia recieves a call from Liz about Vicki's situation and she, along with Maggie, leave for Collinwood.

Vicki's behaviour cause some
major "what the-"
Vicki isn't hysterical anymore but rather calm and hopeful that she will find Jeff, which makes Liz send "WTF?" looks at the camera. Both Julia and Maggie try to comfort her (and the readers of this blog should know I'm always up for Maggie-Vicki bonding, although it was more fun with Vicki #1) but Vicki jumps up and down, saying she feels her husband's presence in the room and his touch (that, dear, is what we call a new bride's fantasy). But when my favorite duo finds Jeff's watch that he was wearing when he disappeared lying just outside Vicki's room, they suspect there may be some truth to what Vicki is saying.

I am shipping this couple already
Meanwhile, some other drama is taking place downstairs. Chris Jennings tells Julia that he's changed his mind and can not stay in town. He offers to give her some money that would cover his sister Amy's care but bumps into Julia's wall of a determination. Maggie too voices her disappointment in Chris (I love when characters that have shared no onscreen interraction in the past meet and appear to know each other; just like Maggie's scenes with Tom Jennings) and if I were him, I'd have accused her of being slut for breaking Joe's heart in return. But he ain't been around long, so it's understandable if he is out of the loop. Anyway, Chris can't give them a valid reason why he can't stay and leaves in a hurry when the sun sets. Two full moons in a row? 

Saved by the werewolf's sis
Later, Julia gets a phone call from Windcliff and learns that Amy Jennings has escaped, making me seriously question the security of that place. Julia should spend less time living the luxurious life in Collinwood and more time tightening her hospital's security that right now even a little girl can outwit. While Julia waits for more news on the girl's escape, Liz almost gets attacked by a "wild animal" on her way to the old house. Luckily, she runs into Amy in the woods and the mystery animal retreats, which doesn't escape Amy's attention. Liz takes the girl back to Collinwood and tells Julia about this man-like wolf creature; Julia says she believes her, hardly keeping a straight face. She also wants to have Amy taken back to the hospital but Liz steps in, allowing the girl to stay overnight (we all know that those overnight stayers eventually end up living here and yes, I am looking at you Julia). It is also a nice coincidence that all of the Windcliff escapees (Maggie, Liz and Amy) are under the same roof tonight. They should form a club of sorts where they can discuss their madhouse adventures over tea and biscuits.

The Goonies
Amy is introduced to David and they rush off to explore the great house. They hit it off instantly because Amy turns out to be as interested in the weird stuff as David. They sneak into the west wing to look for some ghosts but not so much luck. Then, Amy finds an old phone and begins to speak to a ghost named Quentin Collins like it is the most usual thing in the world. David thinks she is fooling him but he too hears a breathing from the other side of the phone (A breathing ghost? Curious). Once David notices the phone line is cut, he knows they have a real deal on their hands. They take the family album to Amy's room and try to find more information on the man. A picture from his boyhood from 1800's and one group shot which isn't much help is all they can come up with. Liz provides more intel when asked if she knows a Collins named Quentin: He is her great uncle that went to France when he was young and died there (We heard that story before; Collinses aren't very creative when it comes to covering up mysterious happenings surrounding their family). Amy remembers Quentin saying he lives nearby so when everybody is asleep, she speaks with Quentin on the phone again (whose voice we've yet to hear) and goes to the west wing to meet him (I guess anyone can enter that wing now). But David finds Amy there and makes her go back to her room, probably because he is jealous the ghost will talk to her and not him. Back in Amy's room, David says the best way to contact Quentin is through a séance; he's apparently seen his family members do it again and again. But their go at the séance is interrupted by Vicki, who appears at the door like a ghost and almost gives them a heart attack.
Vicki chillin' as a ghost
We finally get to see her do some governessing again (must be hard while dealing with sudden marriages and vanishing husbands) as she tucks the kids into bed. Hearing Amy mention her brother Tom, who has recently attacked Vicki as a vampire, sends chills down her spine yet she doesn't say anything.

Girls just won't take "No" for
an answer
The next morning, Chris visits Collinwood and he is welcomed by Carolyn, who he hasn't seen in ages. That scene alone suggests "something" may happen between them in the future. Carolyn must be on the same page with me cause she fixed her hair in the mirror right after their conversation. Anyway he also meets Vicki (Victoria Clark now), who is strangely in a cheery mood for a woman who has just lost her husband to time travel. Then, he tells Amy that he won't be able to look after her, for reasons he can't explain yet. She doesn't take it well. Carolyn and Vicki try to convince Chris to let Amy stay in Collinwood instead of handing her to social services. He agrees after having a talk with Liz.

The werewolf incident
Then, he and Carolyn head to Blue Whale for a few drinks. They talk about nothing of importance when Chris realizes it's getting dark outside (Three full moons in a row? C'mooon!). Then, he sees a pentagram on the waitress' face, which freaks him out and make him leave in a hurry. Back at his hotel room, he chains himself to the radiator right before he turns into a WEREWOLF IN FRONT OF OUR EYES!!! Finally, the onscreen appearance. He breaks free out of the chains and returns to the bar where he attacks & presumably kills the waitress after she closes the place down.

At that same moment, Amy wakes up screaming in Collinwood. She believes something has happened to her brother. Vicki tries to calm her down as Liz tries to reach Chris on the phone. When neither of them is successful, they lie to the girl Chris is alright.

Then it is Vicki's turn to be sad again. She realizes Jeff's watch stopped at the exact moment of his disappearance and there's nothing Liz can say or do that would make her happy. During the night, she feels Jeff's presence in her room again. We see her door open by itself and she begs him to come back but the connection is lost when Amy enters Vicki's room, scared and wanting to sleep with her. Instead of slapping the bejesus out of the girl, she gives her a hug.

Vicki is touched by Jeff  and nobody
seems to understand her 
The next evening, Prof Stokes arrives at Collinwood and Liz asks him to tell Vicki to get over Jeff, because it is devastating her. Then, he goes up to Vicki's room and explains to her that he did give Jeff three indian herbs that made him available to be called back but it wasn't the herbs that send him back; it was because he belonged there. He even goes as far as to grab Vicki's shoulders and shake some sense into her, hoping necessary roughness will help. He even asks if she really wants to go back to a time where she was hanged as a witch and to which she says yes and they can change the future, something that the Professor doesn't find "accommodating". He tells her Jeff is long dead and for them to be together, she has to die too.

Widows back at work!
Meanwhile in her room, Amy gets up from her bed and goes to the open window where she starts speaking to the Widows (wow, that's a blast from the past). She hears them crying and asks to help. When she won't get an answer from neither them nor Quentin on the phone, she goes downstairs to ask Liz what or who these widows are. Liz, who has just had a fight with Vicki that ended up with latter leaving Collinwood in a hurry, gets bothered by this. When Prof. Stokes asks what it is, Liz recites the legend: If widows are heard on a stormy night, someone will die. 
And then, we see Vicki on Widow's Hill. Looking down...


Notes... Notes... Notes...

*What's with the "second chance" theme surrounding the show? Or should I say the failure of the concept? Eve was given a second chance to live; didn't work. So was Nicholas but he ended up in hell. Vicki and Jeff tried to have another go at marriage and it did seem to work until Jeff was pulled back in time. And we had Adam who thinks he can't have another chance in life because he is too ugly. And do I have to remind you that his creation itself was a second chance in life?

*Adam is gone! I hope we will be given a proper explanation about what happens to him. Or will he just slip into limbo like Tony Peterson and Frank Garner?

*It was nice to Eve even though she was lying dead on the operating table throughout the episode. Must have been a jammy gig for Marie Wallace, getting paid for lying still and lifting her arm.

*What the hell is Julia's obsession with sedatives all about? It seems like she doesn't know any other type of medication: Hit your head? Have a sedative; Saw a werewolf? Here's a sleeping pill; No candy in the cupboard? Treat yourself.

*I like Amy. She's a fresh breath to the show and ain't annoying like Sarah was with her "Helloo"s and "London Bridge"s. I really enjoyed her mischievous adventures with David and there should be many many more of them. I think that storyline was specially made as a wink to the young fan base of the show at the time.

Up next, my somewhat of a review of Tim Burton's "Dark Shadows".. finally!


Kelly said...

I was happy when the Adam storyline finally came to an end. For some reason, it just didn't grab me. Not that I hated Adam personally, but I just found myself bored.

I might've been one of the few people happy when Jeff/Peter disappeared. Roger Davis's voice grates on me, especially when he yells, making it hard for me to like any character he plays.

As for the full moons, you might have figured it out by now (haven't read any further than this), but I always too it to be like Oz on Buffy, where he changed on the night before, during, and after the full moon. Seems like that was Chris's pattern as well.

Anonymous said...

Nice photos. Thanks for the post. I hope you see this. I'm going stir-crazy. I'm stuck in a project I've been working on for over 2 years and I can't find my people! No one reviews their favourites anymore. They've forgotten how. I'm in trouble. DS Fanfiction has suffered and so have the writers! HELP! (A little desperate, are we? YES!)