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They've Got The Wrong Man

EPISODES 316-330

David is forcefully questioned by Barnabas about how much he knows. Burke's timely arrival interrupts him and David is taken back home but he becomes intensely afraid of Barnabas which leads him to have revealing nightmares about Sarah, Barnabas and Julia's actual identities but nobody believes him.

In an attempt to capture the maniac that kidnapped Maggie, the Evans' and the police set a trap where Willie, out to warn Maggie, gets shot and is put in coma. Barnabas orders Julia to kill him but Willie wakes up his mind all jumbled up and is sent to a place for criminally insane as he is thought to be the actual culprit thanks to Barnabas planting false evidence.

David is convinced that Sarah is a ghost and Vicki believes him. He is also warned by Sarah not to go to the Old House which arouses his curiosity. Meanwhile when Barnabas' intentions of killing David are refused by Julia, he decides to do something else. That night in his room, David gets attacked by a bat.

Poor David! He's on a never ending quest to be scared of people. First his mother and now his cousin. And nobody believes him as usual; maybe except for Burke who still doesn't really trust Barnabas. Well that's the least he can do after having played the three monkeys during the ordeal with Laura. This is also the first time in a while when David actually confided in Burke. I was beginning to think he somehow forgot all about his boy crush.
6th sense comes back;
crystal ball comes out
So David's terrified of Barnabas, can't even look at his portrait at the foyer. He's also having pretty neat special-effect'd dreams where he learns Sarah is a ghost, Barnabas is half-dead (still no mention of the word "vampire") and a scare-crow like figure that is Julia waves her medallion in his face. Up until now it was only hinted that David had some precognitive abilities but this specific dream proves it. But as he's but a child and used to be known for his more than occasional lying, nobody buys his stories. Only Vicki is convinced that Sarah is a ghost but I honestly don't know why she's ignoring the vital Barnabas part. Oh wait..she had a thing for antiques, didn't she~

Out on a date in David's dreamscape
Sarah's deal also begins to come clearer. We already know from the dream that she died when she was 9-10ish but neither we nor she knows why she is here now. She is probably dragged to this plane because Barnabas the wimp needed a conscience and actually so far she's been successful when she stopped her brother from killing David each time, even if it took to literally shake the whole house. And you know what, I'd prefer that to her whiny flute playing any day!! 
We also learn that much like JosetteSarah only appears to one person at a time. So far only David, Maggie, Sam and Willie were able to see her. I wonder who'd she pick as the ultimate bff: Maggie or David?
There also seems to be something mystical about her doll. Even the highly skeptical Dr. Woodard is made to believe in the supernatural after determining the doll is over 150 years old and still intact. Sarah also insisted that Maggie had it with her all the time, probably against Barnabas. I wonder if they're ever gonna elaborate on that. With all the examples of evil dolls around, a doll that wards of evil can be good for a change.
The Young Lady Vanishes
And finally we see Sarah disappear with someone looking when she came to warn David about the Old House. But seriously girl, why can't you just spill the whole truth at once?!!
By the way, have you noticed how Mrs Johnson, whose first name also happens to be Sarah, hasn't been around for a long while? I don't think we even saw her raven hair in multi-color. So what, Collinwood is too small for two Sarahs?

Julia's trick backfires
Now I want to talk a bit about Julia as I always do. There's something very uncanny about that woman that makes me want to deeply hate her but just can't. Maybe it's because the actress Grayson Hall usually delivers her lines very unsure, sometimes in a random cute way even. The character is dipped in the realest shade of grey so it's very hard to place her somewhere. But I have to admit I get very happy when she's very close to exposition. She's taken off from Maggie's case by Dr. Woodard which was the first kick to her butt. Then David almost totally revealed her hypnosis thing when she tried that trick on him who recognized the medallion from his dream and shouted for help. Liz's cold stare at Julia was so piercing that I got a little chilly myself.
Even her dream
double had a better wig
Then there's her hideous hideous hair!! Seriously, I can't stand it a helmet, is it a hat? She'd better hypnotize herself into having it cut off. Even Sinead O'Connor look would do.
I was recently thinking that it'd be a better cover for Julia if she declared there was something romantic going on between her and Barnabas and bam! there it was. How hilarious it was when Julia had to pretend to be shy yet flirty when Dr. Woodard suspected a crush. Even Burke and Vicki found the idea of Juliabas laughable. Their bickering does indeed echo of a married couple that's been together for over 30 years. Or Julia is Barnabas' long time twice widowed faghag. Either way, we get to laugh.

Willie's intensive tent
That Willie never had much luck in life, did he? He was an asshole when he arrived, clinging to the late Jason. Then he freed Barnabas and got himself a leash instead of the grand prize. He unwillingly witnessed and covered up Barnabas' many dirty deeds. And when he finally decided to do the right thing and warn Maggie about Barnabas, he got shot five times and on top of that has been called a leech and an ox, by Barnabas and Dr. Woodard respectively. If that's not enough, he came out of the coma as a deranged man and is sent to an asylum to Barnabas & Julia's convenience. I wonder what will become of him now. I really liked him even though he was a big stinkin' idiot for trying to get into Maggie's room through her window in the middle of the night and getting his ass shot.

I wonder why the 1-episode-only Sheriff change? I was surprised to see our good old Sheriff back the next episode. What can I say, I am a fan of the original one, he has a fatherly yet firm quality about him. So I'm happy that he didn't leave for good.

Adiós Amigo!
Speaking of leaving for good, it was the last we saw of our crazy Caretaker. Take care creepy old man! I liked you more than other minor characters that have been written off. Yes I'm looking at your Richard Garner!

So with Maggie's memory still under Julia's control and Willie's completely lost, our only hopes of the truth about Barnabas coming out depend on Sarah who is more interested in singing and playing, and David who is busy wrestling a puppet bat right now. Do you think he'll make it? We'll see..

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