Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rebel Without A Clue

Barnabas' psychological torture on Maggie gets more intense and Carolyn acts out in Episodes #251-255

Barnabas grabs Maggie by the throat to kill her. Willie comes running to the rescue and places himself between them, stating Barnabas will have to kill him first (I have to eat my words for calling him a coward in the previous entry). The situation is interrupted with a knock on the door. Barnabas orders Willie to keep Maggie quiet as he goes up. When he's gone, Willie says he can help Maggie if she lets him do the talking.
Willie the fearless protector

It's Vicki at the door with a message from Liz (that there's a curfew after dark). The family has also been wondering why Barnabas hasn't visited them for a while. Vicki notices Josette's music box and with Barnabas' permission, she plays it. Barnabas seems affected by Vicki's interest in it. (Is he looking for a new Josette?!!) Later, he even makes up an excuse to see Vicki at Collinwood. He gives her a heirloom handkerchief that once belonged to Josette (eww) to give to Liz as an apology for the lack of visit. He also says she should visit the Old House more often. Love is in the air~
Vicki the orphan loves the heirlooms

Back at the Old House, Barnabas locks a pleading Maggie in an old cell and gives her Josette's music box and peasant clothes (but gotta admit, black is her color) with a warning that she'd better become Josette or she'll be killed. What a charmer~
The Cell

Carolyn, after an intense argument with her mother where Liz is forced to admit she loves Jason but not without flinching, hooks up with a biker dude named Buzz to get back at her mother. They get drunk at Blue Whale and kiss in front of Vicki and Joe, then crash Collinwood at night to annoy LizCarolyn taunts her mother by calling her "Mrs McGuire" again and again to Buzz's amusement. Carolyn also performs some insane drunken dance moves.
Buzz'd Up

Meanwhile, Maggie's still locked in the cell and trying hard not to go insane. She fakes being more Josettey but asks for one favour from Barnabas: To give her ring to her father as a keepsake. But since he ain't a fool, Barnabas sees through her plan (of secretly letting Sam know she's alive and around) and says he can do it after she becomes his bride.
The Ring

Still determined to use the ring trick, Maggie convinces Willie to have the ring as a gift and sell it so she'd be cleansed of the Maggie identity. Still avaricious deep down, Willie accepts but drops it while trying to kick David away from the Old House, who shamelessly climbed in through the window. David finds the ring and shows it to Vicki. Before she can read the initials on it, Barnabas pays a sudden visit and coincidentally sees the ring. Claiming it's a family heirloom that was given to Willie to be sold, he takes it away. Back at the Old House, Barnabas confronts and taunts Maggie about her futile plans. He keeps the ring and Maggie throws herself on the bed Hülya Koçyiğit style*.
The ring travels full circle

Later, Jason drags Willie to Blue Whale to announce he'll soon be the master of Collinwood. Willie too laughs at the idea of Liz marrying Jason but he is serious and hints that Willie'd better pick a side. Willie says his loyalties lie with Barnabas. I dunno which one is the lesser of two evils!
Jason establishes his patriarchy

At another corner of the bar, Joe tries to convince Carolyn not to see Buzz. Deep down she doesn't want to but that's the only way she can get even with her mother. Sid & Nancy visit Collinwood again that night and learn Jason has sped up Liz's divorce and they'll be married in two weeks. Furious, Carolyn proposes to Buzz right there on the spot so they can have a double wedding. Liz looks like she's gonna have a stroke.
Something blue, old, new & borrowed 

Meanwhile, Maggie will be given a second chance to turn into Josette. Barnabas takes her up to Josette's room again and it seems like Four Seasons Luxury Suite to Maggie after days of torment in the old cell. He tries to allure Maggie with the music box and she seems to be falling for it but suddenly snaps and claims she'll never give up on being Maggie Evans even if it'll mean her death. Suddenly, Willie comes in and says Sam has arrived at the house. Barnabas orders Willie to keep her silent but makes sure she listens in on their talk.
Almost reJosetted!

Sam's come to give Barnabas the finished portrait which he says is the best he can do considering. Then Joe rushes in after him, giving the news about an unidentified woman's body being found which police suspects to be Maggie's. Sam is defeated and thinks it must be Maggie, who gagged and bound, hears the whole thing in Willie's cluthes and helplessly moves her mouth (is she supposed to be crying for help, I don't know) as her father and boyfriend leave.
The news of Maggie's "death" arrive

Taken back to Josette's room, Barnabas insists that now is the perfect time to accept the truth as she's dead to the world. Maggie rejects the idea more than ever and Barnabas orders her taken down to the cell.
Forever Maggie!

As she lies there helplessly, she hears a little girl's voice singing London Bridge's Falling Down. She gets up and sees a ghostly little girl dressed in a century old clothes, sitting outside with her back turned to her. (I'd say David has a new girlfriend!)
Creepy Little Girl

*Hülya Koçyiğit is an old school Turkish actress that is known for her damsel in distress roles. Her signature move is to dramatically throw herself onto a bed to express despair.

I'd love to see Buzz the carefree biker around, he'd blend perfectly with Collinwood. Can you imagine him meeting Barnabas, calling him dude, telling him to chillax and live free~
Too bad this character is very short lived but who knows, maybe he will ;)


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