Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Wedding Bells part I

..ring for Maggie and Liz? Episodes #241-250

The show's plots appear to be divided in two, so let's dig them accordingly:


Siblings in crime?

Liz has been under so much stress lately -caused by Jason's unresting blackmails and her inability to honestly explain the situation to the worried members of her family- that she looks like a used up sponge rather than the solid rock she once was. So she finally asks Roger to stand by her side no matter what even though she can't outright explain the whole deal yet. (Well how about the two siblings get together and kill the man; it's not like neither of them hasn't done it before. Ahh to be a Collins!)

Liz LOLs
But Jason too has something on his mind. He brings Liz flowers like a school boy and narrates some make believe sweet memories they once supposedly shared, all leading to the revelation of his clever scheme: To marry Liz!!! (not out of love obviously). Liz, at first, literally laughs at it but Jason appears to be serious and isn't afraid to go the length to execute his plans (well he did buy her favorite flowers afterall). Saying she'd rather die than walk down the aisle with him, Liz proceeds to call the Sheriff. With his bluff called, Jason stops hers, asking how she'd explain it to Carolyn. Liz finally makes up her mind and sends Jason (of all people) to summon Carolyn for a heart warming murder confession.

Lies lies and lies!

Liz begins to tell Carolyn the story of her marriage with Paul, how he was never a loving man not even towards his own daughter. Carolyn gradually gets angry and leaves the room before Liz could get to the juicy details of the murder or even the murder itself. Jason comforts Carolyn, saying Paul was always proud of her. Carolyn, suffering from severe daddy issues, has nothing to do but believe him.

Goodbye Mr Garner. We won't
really miss you.
Liz, starting to stomach Jason's proposal to save her ass, invites her lawyer Richard Garner (in his last appearance) to start divorce proceedings between her and Paul. She drops hints to Roger that she may get married one day, who rushes it to the other members of the WHJM (We Hate Jason McGuire) Club and they connect the dots. Carolyn, to put an end to Jason's hold, demands the key of the locked room from her mother. Liz denies having it but in vain ("I can see the chain around your neck mother"). 

No big fuss
Jason eavesdrops on WHJM's plans to break into the locked room and convinces Liz to hand them the key herself, saying they can't find Paul's body anyway. After Jason checks the place in advance and makes sure it's safe, Liz takes the WHJM down to the basement and casually opens the door. There are boxes of old clothes and stuff of Paul, who's obviously lying under the innocent looking tile floor. 

Failing to find anything suspicious (I mean what were they expecting, Norman Bates' mom?) , Roger and Carolyn feel extremely ashamed (Vicki not so much) and apologise to Liz. So with this out of the way, Liz unwillingly announces the happy news: She's getting married to Jason!!!

Well who would have guessed!!! Jason and Liz eh?
Even though the idea is actually annoying, I find the image of Liz as a sunny bride in a wedding dress, complete with her tight bun and pouty lips very chuckleworthy!  I actually LOLed a couple of times watching these episodes.

Up next, plans for Maggie's less hilarious and more demonic wedding!

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