Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Identity Crisis

Barnabas has Maggie and what he has in store for her is rather tragic in Episodes #236-240

So this is my I KNEW IT moment...It seems I  totally and unintentionally guessed where the story would go in the previous post. But first,

Earlier that night Maggie Evans disappeared from her hospital room without a trace. Nobody can find her and the police are still on the look. Sam is devastated. Relying on a hunch Burke and Joe go up to the Old House to see if Willie knows something. But Barnabas informs them that he's out of town for an errand. When they leave with their heads hanging down, Barnabas calls out to someone from the other room: Maggie!!

He takes her up to a room, which used to be Josette's and Barnabas has redecorated it exactly the way it was with Josette's portrait hanging on the wall. He calls the spellbound and rather zombified Maggie "Josette" and plays Josette's music box. He promises her eternal life~
Maggie's transformation
into Josette begins

The next day the whole town is alert and saddened by the news. The Sheriff pays a visit to Collinwood to talk to Vicki about the phone call. She agrees it could be Willie but isn't sure. The Sheriff has a talk with Willie and warns him if Maggie turns up dead, he'd be suspect #1! 
Poor Willie is a regular door mat

Jason is annoyed with Willie because he's scared the Sheriff's snooping would ruin his own plans. He orders him to leave town and even beats him to the ground. But when Jason leaves the Old House and walks through the woods to Collinwood, the sound of dogs howling close in on him. Barnabas seems very protective of his minion.
If only dogs would bite his ass off

Curious to see Barnabas's decorations, Vicki and Carolyn sneak in to the Old House when nobody answers the door. They even go up to Josette's room, where Vicki's excited to see the portrait again. They also play with the girly things on the dressing table, ie the hair brush and the parfume bottle, which Vicki recognises as  Josette's scent: jasmine. Suddenly, the door of the room swings shut by itself (is that you Josette?) and when they open it, they find Willie staring at them. He is upset that they've been changing the places of things and takes the girls downstairs in a hurry. Barnabas greets them kindly (but deep down he's annoyed they were upstairs) and accepts their congrats on the work he's done. Vicki also gets Barnabas to confirm the identity of the girl in his story the other night as Josette but says nobody knew who her lover was. Willie insist that the girls leave, which Barnabas notices and taunts Willie about.
Barnabas tells the girls this isn't a beauty parlor

Back at Collinwood, Liz is confused about Barnabas' reasons to redecorate Josette's room.

That night, Barnabas is winedining (or is it blood, can't tell) with Maggie, who's in Josette's wedding dress and carrying her music box, when Sam and Joe knock on the door unannounced. Maggie is quickly taken to Josette's room by Willie and Barnabas welcomes them in. Sam informs him that he can't work on the painting but can take it to his house to which Barnabas strongly opposes (I'll seriously write a paper about this shows use of portraits when I'm finished with it all). They leave, not knowing how close they were to saving poor Maggie who appears to snap out of Barnabas' spell upon hearing their voices but is restrained by Willie. Barnabas takes over and Maggie screams for help in vain.
Creepy romantic dinner interrupted

The next day David knocks on the Old House's door but gets no answer. He peers through the windows and sees Maggie, in Josette's dress, wandering in the house like a ghost. He thinks it is Josette and calls out to her to let him in. The door opens by itself and Maggie isn't around. He goes up to Josette's room and is happy to see the portrait again but he feels her presence has already left the building. Barnabas catches the little monster and takes him home to Roger
Not every girl wandering in a
ghostly manner is a ghost, David!

While Roger's being kindly warned by Barnabas, David tells Vicki about Josette. Something bugs him about her so he sneaks out to the Old House again. When they fail to find David, Vicki and Roger both leave to collect him from the Old House. Meanwhile, David calls Josette's name when Maggie, still dressed as Josette and carrying her music box comes down the stairs and stands in front of him!!!
Is it the salvation for Maggie?

Please please let Maggie be seen by Vicki and Roger. I've never wanted to see Roger more :)
Although I hate characters getting captured and being kept somewhere where many people occasionally come and go but fail to find them (Yes Vicki, I'm talking to you), this kidnapping is rather..romantic and doesn't bother me as much!

Still I'm confused about Josette/Barnabas age thingie..


Debjorgo said...

Jeremiah Collins was Barnabas's cousin. They were roughly the same age. I'm not sure where you got that Jeremiah was a founding Collins but they probably just meant that he lived back in the late 1700s. The old house was the old house even then. The family had just moved into the new house, Collinwood.

Efe X said...

Ahh now it makes sense. They threw lots of names around during the Beginning year so I got confused.

Wasn't Jeremiah the one that built the town Collinsport?

Debjorgo said...

Oops, I'm wrong. Jeremiah was Barnabas' uncle but they were still around the same age.

Just like me, some of the early history may be wrong.

Efe X said...

hehe thanx~