Friday, August 19, 2011

Gravediggers Overdose

Our characters search for answers on hallowed grounds in Episodes #176-180

  • So the previous episode's cliffhanger was a fake one as Vicki gets to Dr. Guthrie before he passes out. That's because David interrupts his witch of a mother's firespell thingie. Guthrie's symptoms (loss of time and memory) reminds Vicki of Liz. However, probably cause the spell's ended abruptly, Guthrie remembers visiting Laura.
That was close, Guthrie!

  • When David comes back, Vicki and Guthrie question him about Laura (bribing him with desserts). He reports how she was staring into the fire as if she was the fire and panics upon noticing it resembled the painting of hers.
  • Laura once again enters dramatically with the self opening door trick. Vicki accuses her of making up lameass reasons to come to the house. Guthrie openly says he's onto her, knows about her powers and such. She dismisses them.
Laura's door trick never gets old

  • Guthrie and Carolyn finally connect Laura with Phoenix the Bird and question the possibility of reincarnation. Guthrie has an idea for which needs the help of a local who knows the area. Carolyn suggests Joe.
  • Carolyn comes down to the diner and has a private chat with Joe, which makes Maggie a bit jealous. He's skeptic to learn Guthrie is a PARApsychologist but agrees to help.
A somewhat love triangle

  • In the house, Guthrie declares to Joe and Carolyn that he needs him for opening up other Laura's grave. Joe is bright to connect all the dots about Laura but is reluctant cause its illegal. Roger, angry that he isn't let in on anything, kicks Guthrie out of the house. After a brief fight with Carolyn, he agrees that the strange things are happening alright and they may use Guthrie's help afterall.
Roger's defeat face

  • Joe and Guthrie arrive at the crypt's locked door, which opens by itself to their horror. They manage to remove the heavy tomb stone on the wall and take the old wood casket out. The Old Caretaker shows up and stops them from opening it. He says they wouldn't want to unleash the fury of the dead. 
Tomb raiders!

  • Frank, suspecting Guthrie is onto something illegal, forces Carolyn to tell him where the two are. He meets up with them at the crypt where they've been trying to persuade the caretaker to step aside. Frank talks them out of it, saying it can be done with legal papers. Just before they are about to leave, Joe is overwhelmed with the smell of jasmine. To everybody's shock, the coffin opens by itself: there's nothing in it.
Is it here? No

  • The three astonished man go to the old cemetery and dig up the other Laura's grave. This one's empty too.
How about here? Nope

  • Back at the crypt, the caretaker remembers something about a boy and finds an old newspaper article  about the Laura of the1860's. Out of darkness, our hooded Laura appears. She speaks kindly with the man before doing the same memory mojo on him. When Frank, Joe and Guthrie come back, they find the man unable to remember the last hour. Frank spots the newspaper clipping but that certain part of it has been if exposed to a bright light..such as fire.
If she gives up on phoenixing
she can always be a witch!

Allriiight, I definetly enjoyed those three men working together. They are the only decent male characters on the show with no bullshit or deceit. Hope they stay bff's~

Also, no Liz ever since she got transfered to Boston :(

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