Friday, August 12, 2011

The Portraits

The show has never been this exciting. Supernatural stuff happens almost in every episode and our focus being only on Laura moves the story forward. Let's hope nobody gets trapped or anything.. Yes, I'm talking to you Vicki!!
Episodes #141-145~

  • So it was a false alarm me saying Vicki's busted as we see her perfectly alive the next day when she finds David drawing a Phoenix in flames, affected by Laura's story.
Sam Evans has a new rival

  • David takes his mother to the Old House to show off his ghosts then leaves her alone, thinking ghosts would appear to one person at a time. Josette Collins' portrait glows pulsatingly to Laura's mild amazement. Later, Laura says nothing happened. Guess somebody's jealous she ain't the only glowy thing around.
Showdown of supernatural beings

  • Vicki visits Maggie at her house where they talk about her father's obsession with Laura. When Sam arrives, he gets mad at Maggie for showing Vicki the portrait but calms down later on. He wants to get rid off the painting and Vicki volunteers to have it, cause she is strangely drawn to it.
Vicki snaffles yet another painting

  • When Vicki arrives at Collinwood, David insists on seeing the painting. Laura gets highly bothered but David falls in love with it, saying it was exactly like in his dream. After much debate, David is allowed to hang it on his wall. Later that night when he's asleep, the painting starts to glow and Laura's head comes out of it. He screams it away but doesn't want the painting removed.
The Infamous Painting causes trouble for everyone

  • Sam, now happy that the painting is gone, starts to draw something else but when he snaps out of it, realizes he's been portraying the same scene! When he's visited by David and Vicki the next day (for gratitude), he is shocked to learn he's been drawing David's dreams exactly. He also shows the new portrait to Vicki. Both of the paintings have an unfinished part that looks strangely like a boy's head.
Vicki pointing out the unfinished part

  • Later on, a Lt. Dan Riley (from Arizona) shows up at Collinwood. He asks Liz to identify some jewellery salvaged from the fire. She knows none but one, a locket that was a Collins heirloom (given to Laura as a wedding gift). Vicki also recognizes it from the other day. They open it and find a lock of David's baby hair after Vicki's claims of having seen it. Vicki eagerly joins them as they question Laura, who says Vicki must have imagined the locket before. Vicki is suspicious of Laura and vice versa.
So wait when a Phoenix is reborn, so are their belongings?

  • Even later, Vicki explains all her suspicions to Frank who is very skeptical. Liz tries to convince Vicki that she may be mistaken. When they leave the room, the old family album once again opens itself to a picture of Josette Collins, wearing the locket which belonged to her in the first place. Liz and especially Vicki are shocked to find the book open. She feels like Josette is watching over her ever since the Old House. She also feels like she's been compelled to bring the painting here, give it to David, join Laura's interrogation as if by an outside force.
Josette is very fond of showing off her pictures

  • Romantic Relief: Joe and Maggie kiss for the first time. Aww~
Finally smoochin'

  • Laura visits Sam at his house and shows her fangs (figuratively) for the first time when she threatens him. He says he is compelled to paint even though doesn't want to. Laura tells him not to anyway and orders the new painting destroyed. Later that night, Laura stares into the fireplace at Collinwood and Sam, lying drunk on his couch, drops his cigarette on a newspaper. It starts to burn.
You don't wanna piss a Phoenix off

Very Dorian Grayish don't you think? Wonder why Laura is bummed about the painting..maybe it's like her power source or weakness? We'll see~ 

Also both Sam and Vicki are acting like zombies when they are under the influence of..whatever it is..that's making them do things. Me likey!

ps. #145 's master tape was lost and only a very low quality Kinescope copy is available as you can see from the last two images. Poor Joe & Maggie's kiss totally wasted ~


Melis said...

that phoenix in David's painting looks more like a chicken if you ask me :p

Melis said...

and that lock of hair thing is way creepy..

Efe X said...

the story of the fried chicken is also quite magnificent ;)