Monday, August 1, 2011


     Alright, maybe I expected too much...I hoped for ghosts and answers and extraordinary happenings as it was the 100th episode but it turned out to be one of the regulars. But then again, the show has 1000 plus episodes so I understand if they don't get to celebrate every 100th's. 

     Every episode stars with a shot of a clapper/blackboard with the episode no, tape and air dates written on it and a distinctive voice reading them. For the sake of  #100, they let Carolyn hold it. Aww~

  • Having learnt all about the pen, Vicki now sort of changes her strong opinions of Burke, but warns Carolyn nonetheless about going out with him (he may now not be a killer but he's still after the family). Carolyn of course doesn't listen and makes her promise not to tell anyone about the date. But David overhears the whole thing and threatens to tell on her (he's jealous he's not allowed to see Burke).

Murder accusations over coffee
  • Vicki visits Burke in his hotel room where she voices her suspicions about Roger being the killer, to Burke's enthusiasm. She also figures out it was Roger who stole the pen from her but since they don't have an evidence, they decide to lay low and fish for more information.

Carolyn about to spill the beans
  • Roger confronts Carolyn after being told on by David. Carolyn, likening Roger's attitude towards Burke to Vicki's, reveals their talk earlier about the pen with her, not knowing the trouble she may have caused. Roger throws one of his famous villain-in-distress looks.

BONUS: Since this was sort of a let down, here's something more!!

The first two episodes of Thundercats remake has finally aired~ It was simply great...adventure, comedy, mythology mixed wonderfully in a pot!! And Cheetara is a babe~ 

Who knows maybe I will start a new blog named Thundercat'd!


Melis said...

is that Carolyn a total blonde or what?!

Efe X said...

I've heard she gets better :)