Monday, August 29, 2011

Barnabas Attacks!

Barnabas's hold over Maggie gets stronger in Episodes #232-235

Maggie pms'ing!
Joe watches over Maggie who doesn't remember about her attempt of escape last night. As the dogs outside get restless, so does Maggie and declares she doesn't wanna see Joe ever again. Joe gets upset and calls Vicki to take over the watch.

Willie fell and hit his face..repeatedly
Before leaving Collinwood, Vicki runs into Jason who gets intriuged by the news of Maggie's cemetery visit and bite marks. He visits Willie at the Old House and questions his involvement in Maggie's situation. He even guesses Willie as the one who made the anonymous phone call. Willie, bruised after Barnabas's beating, tells Jason to stop getting involved in this.

But who might that be?
A storm breaks when Vicki's at the Evans' house. She's by Maggie's side when suddenly the glass doors in Maggie's room fly open and a silhouette appeasr outside with the flash of lightning, frightening Vicki and strangely calming Maggie. He's gone one moment later and Vicki runs to lock the doors. This is the first time that I've jumped watching this show.

Ghost stories!
Late at night, Vicki arrives at Collinwood and recites the earlier events to Carolyn. The girls get terrified as the storm causes a power cut and suddenly the same shape appears at the doorway. It turns out to be Barnabas, who tells them the vivid story of a woman (probably Josette) that killed herself at the Widows' Hill after fighting with her lover. When Carolyn the chickenshit leaves, Vicki points out and likens the details (the bloodless body of the woman) to Maggie's situation. She also tells about the "anonymous phone call". Barnabas slightly warns her that the thing that happened to Maggie could as well happen to her. When Vicki leaves, Jason also has a word with Barnabas about Willie's involvement in Maggie's case and wants him fired.

Now that his treachery is official, Barnabas bullies poor Willie even more. He tells him to keep his friend Jason away from meddling no matter what.

Vicki's once again babysitting Maggie (that reminds me, where the heck is David?) when Sam's up at the Old House. Maggie seems to be switching moods and begs Vicki not to leave her no matter what she may say.

Up at the Old House, Willie gets shocked to find out Barnabas is out for a walk. He tries to warn Sam about his daughter but Sam gets mad and Willie recoils.

Barnabas Attacks!
Maggie once again acts possessed when the dogs outside begin to howl and close in around the house. Maggie wants to be alone and Vicki gets so terrified of the dogs banging on the glass doors that she runs out of the room (for a hilarious sec there I actually thought she fled the house). She calls Burke and literally screams for help. Maggie locks her door and Vicki helplessly bangs and begs her to open it. Once Burke arrives, he breaks the door and they find Maggie on her bed, unconscious and blood dripping from her neck wound and the doors open.

Definetly not Scrubs!
Maggie is taken to the hospital and receiving another transfusion. Doctor Woodard's disturbed by her blood loss and the reopening of her wounds. They think she was attacked by something. Maggie defeatedly believes she's going to die and apologises to Joe and Sam. Doc orders the nurse to keep the window in Maggie's room locked all the time. When Maggie's alone with the nurse, she appears to choke and says she can't breathe. The nurse opens the window a bit, instead of calling the doctor that stupid bitch. Then Maggie appears to go into spasm and faints. The nurse rushes out to get the Doctor but when they come back, she's gone and the window's totally open...the dogs outside barking..
The nurse claims she was definite Maggie was dead!!!!

...right now, some dogs outside my window are I the next? Come take me Barnabas, I wanna be your bride!!!

Wow man, now I'm getting why people always tell you to skip the first 209 episodes (though I'm very glad I didn't) cause this is the shit! It's scary, it's suspenseful and it's just the beginning! The only downpart is the side story of Jason & Liz that comes and goes but then again it can also get quite intense. I want the basement opened NOW but then I can't bare to see Liz so helpless against Jason anymore.

Also, I take the story Barnabas told must be about Josette's death and her lover is him. It'd be cool because the actress playing Maggie will also play Josette in the future and that'd explain his obsession with Maggie. But I'm confused about one thing, isn't Josette supposed to be older than Barnabas as she's the widow of the founding Collins; Jeremiah?

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