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Maggie's Descent

Maggie falls deeper and deeper into the darkness that is Barnabas's influence in Episodes #227-231

It's the next morning and Maggie has trouble waking up and feels very weak. Despite Sam's warnings, she goes to work where she feels wonkier and eventually faints. 
It ain't easy being a waitress

Taken home by Sam and Joe, she strongly opposes seeing a doctor. After sunset, she suddenly becomes lively and offers to drive Sam up to the Old House where she almost flirts with Barnabas. She later comes back home and lies on her bed with her throat exposed. Barnabas says he's going out for a walk as Sam needs one hour break.

The next morning at Collinwood, Jason forces Liz to give him a job as the PR supervisor or something at the family business which shocks Carolyn, Roger and Vicki who are by now proud members of the "We Hate Jason Club". They secretly try to figure out Liz's motives, who snaps at them for their intervention. Carolyn, suspecting Jason's hold over her mother is related to it, demands the door in the basement opened but to no avail. Liz secretly asks Vicki to dissuade Carolyn, who is told there're only her father's belongings in there, from opening that door.
Liz crashes her own intervention party

Back at the Evans residence, Maggie sleeps till afternoon and is still sick. Sam finds the glass doors in her room open again but doesn't suspect a thing. He also calls Doctor Dave Woodard against Maggie's wishes, who informs them that she's recently lost some amount of blood and writes some prescription. Later Joe takes over the watch when Sam goes to Blue Whale for some air (and drinks). After sunset, Maggie wakes up looking like a corpse yet energetic enough to scream at Joe and kick him out of the house for the reason of wanting to be alone.
Maggie doesn't need a babysitter

Joe heads to Blue Whale to find Sam chatting with Burke and Vicki (who happen to be on another date*) about Maggie's condition. Vicki likens it to Willie's symptoms when he was sick. Sam leaves in a hurry upon learning the news. At home, he finds Maggie..gone!!
Joe hits the bar after getting the boot

Joe, Burke and Vicki arrive at the Evans house. They decide to split up and look for her around the town, in addition to the police search. Vicki's left behind in case she returns. Later, Willie appears at the door with Barnabas's message about cancelling tonight's session and is surprised to see Vicki and vice versa. He gets more shocked when he learns Maggie is missing and leaves in a hurry. Later, he calls Vicki from a pay phone and disguising his voice, he informs her about Maggie's whereabouts: The cemetery! Vicki can't reach the police so she and Burke setout themselves.
When A Stranger Calls

Maggie, wandering hypnotizedly through the cemetery, is welcomed by Barnabas. Willie comes running and tells Barnabas that the others are coming after him and persuades him to flee. They leave Maggie there unconscious. Vicki and Burke find Maggie, who's still weak and has no recollection of getting there. Burke follows some movement into the Collins Tomb where he can't find Barnabas and Willie hiding in the secret chamber. When he leaves, Barnabas suspects Willie as the one who betrayed him and beats him to the ground with his cane. Poor Willie :(
Cemetery trip!

They bring Maggie home and discover two puncture holes on her neck covered by the scarf she's been wearing ever since her first nocturnal encounter with Barnabas**. The next day, Doctor Woodard comes back and performs an immediate blood tranfusion between Joe and Maggie (aww). Maggie throws a fit screaming "Don't take his blood" (also add very creepy sounds of dogs howling) and gets very stressful during her examination of her puncture holes that are dismissed as torn cuts or something. Her memory is very hazy. The Doc also makes a half assed interpretation of Maggie's dreams of coffins and her visit to the cemetery. 
Blood Brothers Lovers

The Doctor orders Sam to keep constant watch to prevent her from sleepwalking again. That night, Sam locks the glass doors but falls asleep in the armchair. Maggie wakes up like a zombie to the howling dogs and tries to go out but Sam catches her at the last sec and struggles her back to bed as she kicks and screams to be let out.
Somebody call the Exorcist!

* The role of Frank Garner has been written out without any explanation. That sucks, I liked him!
** I find the recurring theme of vampire bite victims' reactions (concealing of their cuts, rejection of help etc) and it's association with rape curious and worth analyzing. (Willie and Maggie both went through that phase, I also remember Buffy of BtVS doing that after her encounter with Dracula and I'm sure the vampire literature is filled with such examples)

Poor Maggie! She's going through a lot, we wish her the best~

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