Monday, August 15, 2011

Tales From The Crypt

    Blah mystery blah in episodes #156-160

    • Liz isn't dead but in a weird condition that renders her unstable and madwomanish. She can't remember the last couple of hours. Oh how convenient for you Laura..
    Liz can't recall the chick fight

    • After visits from the doctor and the family members, it all suddenly comes back to her! But before she can let the others know, a super creepy cloaked silhouette (similar to the one that Vicki saw many many episodes ago) appears in her room and vanishes in the blink of an eye. That puts her deeper into shock, making her mumble stuff about fire, rocks, stones, bird.
    Mystery man right out of Liz's fantasies.

    • The next morning, with another push from Josette and scents of jasmine, Vicki and Frank go back to the chapel/cemetery and discover there was another Laura Murdoch (this time married into Radcliffe family) who also died by fire. They realize both of the previous Lauras died with exactly 100 year old gap in between: 1767, 1867 (keep in mind it's the year 1967 in present time). Vicki suspects there may be four Laura's, incuding the recently burned body and the alive one. Frank is no longer a skeptic.
    Josette's POV (left) - Obviously ghost vision is like cataract

    • The doctor wants Liz to be moved to a hospital in Boston but having never left the house in 18 years, she doesn't like the idea but nevertheless puts Carolyn in charge of everything (David's custody, Roger's divorce) and asks Vicki to keep David away from his mother. She is later visited by an "apparition" of Laura, who pushes Liz's mind into limbo with her words.
    Laura appears out of nowhere

    • Carolyn screams at the discovery of finding her mother in a catatonic state and is torn between sending her to a hospital or keep her word by holding her here. She shows signs of maturity and her new eye makeup makes her pretty.
    Poor Liz stuck in limbo

    • Liz's condition leads Laura to spend more time with her son, despite Vicky's futile attempts to keep them apart, you know like excusing his homeworks. Laura even lets David build the fire in cottage...uh oh~
    Deeper and deeper into fire

    • Carolyn gets an applause from me for standing up for her mother's wishes and openly voicing her dislike of Roger and Laura's benefit out of this to their faces.
    Carolyn reminds Roger of himself

    • Frank suggests a parapsychologist acquaintance of his, Dr. Peter Guthrie, to examine Liz. He shows up at Collinwood looking sorta charming, compared to my illusions of him as an eccentric, old, pipe smoking, wooden peg for a leg kinda fella. He's never saw a ghost before and I think he couldn't have picked a perfect place to come. He puts Liz through various advanced test such as clapping his hands in front of her face or examining her eyes with a mini torch and diagnoses her state as a trance. He orders her out of the house asap cause what or whoever's affecting her maybe around but tells both Carolyn and Vicki to keep it hush hush not to arouse attention. He'll stay in town to observe some people~
    Science man/Ghost expert

    ps I'm not fond of Laura anymore, she's an insincere selfish bitch/bird!! I noticed that when I found myself cursing out loud a couple of times when she appeared unexpectedly. My grandma would be proud~


    j said...

    I like how the jukebox in The Blue Whale was finally playing new music, and instrumental versions of Beatles' songs at that!

    Efe X said...

    Oh yes, that was a nice change but then you get used to those too :)