Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DS Drinking Game: Season 1

So, the pre-Barnabas season, aka Dark Shadows The Beginning, is over! How about we celebrate it with a drinking game~ 

You know the drill!! You gather with your friends, play some episodes and do a shot,

  • Whenever Vicki opens an episode with a monotonous voice over going "My name is Victoria Winters.." (that is every 209 of them)
  • Whenever Vicki suspects herself to be a Collins.
  • Whenever Vicki is locked somewhere.
  • Whenever Vicki gets a free painting from Sam Evans.
  • Whenever you want to smash the TV because of Vicki's naivety.
    • Whenever Carolyn dreamily says "How wonderful" 
    • Whenever Carolyn says the total opposite within the same episode.
    • Whenever Carolyn and Joe kiss.
    • Whenever Carolyn and Burke kiss.
    • Whenever David says "I. HATE. YOU."
    • Whenever David answers a statement with a question (ie. You have? She does? I am?)
    • Whenever Maggie says "Oh Pop.."
    • Whenever Maggie wears her horrible nightie
    • Whenever Maggie and Joe flirt talking boat slang.
    • Whenever Roger calls Carolyn "kitten"
    • Whenever Burke phones his lawyer/banker/business advisor etc.
    • Whenever Liz stutters her lines   
    • Whenever Liz sullenly looks out the drawing room window
    • Whenever Laura's in a trance next to the fireplace and is interrupted with a knock on the door
    • Whenever you get distracted by Dr. Guthrie's forehead wrinkles
    • Whenever Mrs Johnson claims she never gossips right before/after gossiping
    • Whenever Sam looks happy (don't count on this one)
    • Whenever Sam pronounces Carolyn's name as Caroline
    • Whenever Sheriff Patterson's efficiency is questioned
    • Whenever Matthew tries to solve a problem with murder.
    • Whenever Jason McGuire drinks brandy.
    • Whenever Willie Loomis makes a pass at a girl (Ugh!)
    • Whenever someone drops by Collinwood unannounced
    • Whenever you hear a sobbing sound from the basement.
    • Whenever you hear the legend of the "Widows"
    • Whenever you hear the song "What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor" (do two shots if it's sung by a ghost)
    • Whenever you spot a outdoors footage used more than once (take small sips)
    • Whenever you spot Josette's coming out of the painting footage used more than once
    • Whenever the Collins Family Album opens by itself.
    • Whenever Bill Malloy's name and seaweed used in the same sentence.
    • Whenever an episode or a scene ends with a supposedly shocking revelation but fails to live up to it in the successive episode/scene.
    • Whenever an episode starts with a different reenactment of the previous episode's ending but without the dramatic impact.
    • Whenever two extras display some hilarous dance moves in Blue Whale (name of the bar)
    • Whenever an actor is holding the clapboard
    • Whenever you see an actor look at prompters (this alone will be enough to get you drunk)
    • Whenever you hear a cough from the crew
    • Whenever you see someone from the crew



    The Daughter of God and Alexandre Dumas said...

    You forgot about Roger's famous acting with opening his eyes wide and Josette's blurry vision!

    Efe X said...

    My mind seems to forget everything Roger related

    j said...

    I'd also add: whenever you see a "dark shadow" from the film crew, boom mic, or camera.

    Anonymous said...

    *Whenever Roger bellows someone's name (DEV-LINNN!)

    *Whenever it is thundering/lightning