Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Loose Ends

Pre-Barnabas season is almost over and the loose ends are finally getting tied together. Also one of the most hateful characters EVER in TV history is introduced to my disgust and irritation in Episodes # 196-205

The intruder!
I've told you about one mysterious stranger: Jason McGuire. So he has something on Liz. Something rooting back to 18 years. Something Liz is so terrified of that Jason practically has her around his finger. Because of that knowledge, he forces himself into Collinwood for what he calls a brief stay. But he starts to act like he owns the place, to everybody's annoyance. And let me tell one thing about him: He is a sarcastic asshole!!! I really hate characters that say something vicious with a smile on their face. Oh and he has an Irish accent~

Roger cornered!
On the subject of the 10 year old car accident and Burke's conviction: When Roger fails to find the paintings of Sam Evans and give them back to him, Sam has no choice but to spill the beans. He admits, first to Maggie and then to Burke, witnessing the car accident and getting bribed by Roger for his silence, covered under selling of some paintings. He says he did it to help his sick wife (who died shortly afterwards). Burke takes him up to Collinwood one night and during a private but heated meeting with Liz and Roger, they let the truth out. Burke leaves what action to take to Liz, who decides to call the police and hand Roger over. Burke, realising that she's serious, cancels that and instead makes Roger admit being guilty out loud. Seeing Roger almost pee his pants with fear and shame (also the cold stares of Liz) gives Burke the satisfaction he needs. The case seems to be closed~

Liz is forced to face with her past
Coming back to Jason McGuire: During his stay in Collinwood, he's been snooping around in the basement to Liz's annoyance. Finally, after much insinuation, the truth is finally revealed during a convo between him and Liz. Liz killed her husband Paul eighteen years ago, buried him in the basement behind that door and Jason, Paul's then best friend, helped her!!!!!!! And now he's in town ready to rip off Liz as much as he can. 

Carolyn should have
shot his balls off!
He also brought a friend: a young man named Willie Loomis. I don't know how I can describe him without resorting to foul language and I've never thought I'd hate anybody more than Roger!! Obviously suffering from inferiority complex due to his poor upbringing, he acts like he's so tough and mighty. Highly reminds me of Tommy Merlotte of True Blood, another character I hate dearly. He harassed Maggie, Vicki and Carolyn on different occasions and in ways that can be considered sexually. He too forced himself into Collinwood, even to Jason's irritation. If Jason is the plotting man, Willie is his stray dog that revolts even against his master. Carolyn even threatened him with a gun. Upon learning about his attempts, Liz decided to notify the police even risking her own secret. Jason, taken aback by Liz's boldness, orders Willie to behave so their plans won't be wasted. They still remain in Collinwood and it saddens me to see Liz so helpless, not even able to answer truthfully as to why these men are in the house. But even under these circumstances, she never fails to be a brave woman!

Almost here~
The way to Barnabas's introduction is also opened when a clueless David shows the the portraits of his ancestors to Willie. A particular one especially interests Willie, that of Barnabas Collins who according to David died in England. He's portrayed wearing a ruby family ring, which must cost lots of money. Willie gets money hungry!! When he leaves, we hear a heartbeat coming from the portrait and the eyes glow eerily. 

I am extremely annoyed by Willie. The show better throw some relief moments in the mix cause it's literally becoming a pain in my chest to watch. I even wish Matthew was alive to kick those two bastards off the Widow's Hill. Hurry Barnabas come and rip out that fucker's throat!!

Also, isn't it kind of ironic that the show's becoming a real gothic genre cliché with the revelation of the body buried in the basement, just before it's about to turn full time supernatural~

BONUS ~ Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie) with the clapboard

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