Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Tension is building in Collinwood as twists and revelations lead to...well, more twists in episodes #101-106.

Everybody knows!
-Both Vicki and Burke know that Roger knows that Vicki knows about the pen. Do the math!

Third Time's A Charm
-David tries to hide Vicki from his father (enemy of my enemy) but Roger  corners her when they're alone in the house and confesses that he went to the beach to see Bill Malloy that night but claims Malloy was already dead when he got there and didn't say anything about it cause it'd have looked suspicious (How do you think it looks now Roger you stupid bitch)

David bargaining with his ghost pals
-David goes to the Old House again to talk with Josette Collins' ghost about Bill Malloy's killer. The ghost once again comes down from the painting (they actually used the same footage as before..tsk tsk lazy asses) but David leaves before he gets a chance to see it.

Two New Mysteries
-Later that night someone tries to break into Vicki's room when she's asleep but she scares them away. And the following evening, someone tries to run her over on the road. Poor Vickster! Suspects are:
  • Roger Collins:  the most obvious choice but he's probably just a red herring.
  • Sam Evans: learns that Vicki knows the identity of Bill Malloy's supposed killer. Maybe he IS the killer and doesn't know Vicki actually blames Roger. Has been acting like something has crawled up his butt for while.
  • Maggie: Highly unlikely but not impossible. She, even though still friendly with Vicki, recently had a run in with her, calling her a "troublemaker" for stirring up calm waters. Can she be that protective of her father?

Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!
-Carolyn's date with  Burke ends abruptly. In your face Carolyn.

-Burke and Sheriff Patterson set a trap and catch Roger red handed, digging up the pen he'd buried!

A Tale of Three Statements
-The next morning, Roger now in custody (and his lawyer Mr Old Garner in town), Vicki and Carolyn come down to the Sheriff's office to give their statements of what they know. Vicki tells everything she knows starting from the moment she'd found the pen. Carolyn cries like the whiny little bitch that she is. Roger also gets questioned (both for Malloy's death and mysterious attacks on Vicki) and makes Vicki look like a madwoman, seeing ghosts and things.

they've also replaced the slate with a fancier one, ta daaaa~


Melis said...

how does Vicki scare anyone away, that's what I wonder :p

Efe X said...

she..screamed :)