Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vicki as Modern Day Persephone

@$#*%! Vicki's got captive again!!!! It's so annoying she doesn't fight back or kick or yell that I positively will slap her senseless when she gets free this time! Efe reporting from episodes #114-120

~let's start from the beginning:

  • The day after Matthew's "escape", Vicki goes down to Burke's hotel room to talk about the Matthew event. They friggin' KISS?!! Vicki leaves saying she can't see him cause he's the enemy of the Collins' and she has loyalties to them. (If you ask me, Carolyn's slutdom rubbed off on her). 

  • Later in the evening, Vicki gets ready for her (aforementioned) trip to Bangor. But before she leaves, Liz asks her  to go to the Old House to look for David (Doesn't she remember what happened the last time she did that?!! But wait..there's more..)
At the Old House

  • Meanwhile, David is indeed hangin' at the Old House with Matthew, bringing him cans of food and such. When they notice Vicky approaching, David distracts Vicki to give Matthew a chance to hide. Then the two leave, but not before Vicki drops her wallet!!!!

  • Then when she realizes that she's lost it (literally and figuratively), she ends up going back to the Old House on her own and getting captured by Matthew. Joy! He drags her to a secret room that nobody knows about (located behind a bookcase of course) and ties her up. Matthew is confused; he doesn't wanna kill her but he may have to.
Poor Vicki's fate resembles that of
Persephone of the Greek Mythology

  • Back at the house, Liz and Mrs. Johnson speculate about Vicki's whereabouts. They call Frank Garner at Bangor who says she hasn't arrived. So they call Joe Haskell for help. Meanwhile, they figure out since Carolyn isn't with him she must be with...
Matthew made the headlines!

  • ..Burke Devlin. In his hotel room, they drink, laugh and kiss (Burke..Burke you wolf, two girls in one day) Their escapade is interrupted when an angry Joe shows up at the door and starts a fight. Punches are exchanged but when Joe mentions Vicki being missing, Burke acts startled and offers to drive up to Collinwood to join the search.
Joe vs Burke Round I

  • When they are up at the house, Joe finds Vicki's suitcase and they realize she is still somewhere around Collinwood. Burke and Joe arm themselves with shotguns (there's nothing like a phallic object to bind two men together;) and search the grounds. They look everywhere, even go to the Old House. When they're there, the ghost of Josette Collins attempts to appear in the portrait but whenever either men step into the room, her painting stops illuminating (she must be one of them shy ghosts). They obviously can't find Vicki cause she's trapped in the "hidden" room with her mouth covered with Matthew's hand which she doesn't even bite. Yeesh! They go back to the house empty handed. Nonetheless, the men are on good terms now..they apologize and stuff!
Inches away!

  • And if it's enough Liz, Roger and Carolyn have a brief quarrel about Burke's intentions and her dates with him. Now it's also a public info that he's officially bought the rival fishing fleet and canary! Liz is intend on fighting and Roger is a big coward.

    • The next day, David brings some supplies to Matthew and when he isn't in the house, Vicki-though gagged and bound- (and there's no kink there) calls out for David. He approaches to the Matthew approaches to the Old House. Will he make it in time? We will see...
    I have faith in you boy!

    Vicki's passiveness is killing me! I've always been fond of her but unless she does something, anything, I will have to put her under the losers list along with Roger, Sam Evans and now Matthew(kill him off already). I'm actually afraid she's gonna develop Stockholm Syndrome. 

    But I must admit I find it interesting and worth analyzing academically, that Vicki's insistance on staying at Collinwood to find her "secret" past always leads her to getting herself locked up in it's various "secret" rooms.  Just something to think about~


    Melis said...

    maybe it's her intent to find all the secret rooms in the house by being locked in them?

    Melis said...

    also I dunno about Persephone at least Hades kinda loved her..

    Melis said...

    and it wouldn't be a soap if the characters didn't have more than one love interest now would it?

    Efe X said...

    you hate vicki don't you ;)

    Melis said...

    her passiveness pisses me off, I like my woman characters stronger than that

    Efe X said...

    Liz is my fave now ;)