Tuesday, August 9, 2011

All About Laura

     As expected, Laura is the center of the show now and her naive stature can only be interpreted as the calm before the storm in episodes 132-135~ (episode #131 doesn't exist because of the numbering system I mentioned before)

Burke Devlin sees Laura as an opportunity to prove his innocence. He tries to make contact with her a couple of times and Laura is obviously avoiding him. However, their paths cross in the diner one day. They have an awkward chat but compliment each other. Burke asks if she's willing to help him out to which she replies she may after she helped herself out. Old flames (yes pun intended) speak of David as the son they could have had.
Laura is drawn to Burke's flame

Sam Evans is awfully worried that she may expose his involvement in the accident. She also has a strange effect on him, making him keep drawing the painting of her portrayed in flames. He tries to stop himself but something else seems to be in control here. He too unwillingly runs into her at the diner. They have a little chat, where Laura asks about his paintings..hmm?
Sam meets Laura & tries to stop himself from painting

Roger Collins is also worried about the accident and wants to get a hold of her before Burke does. That's why he suggests to have her live in Collinwood for a while. When he asks which side she's on on the Burke thing, she replies her priority is David and she has her own ways of handling things. Her intention to legally have David is somewhat convenient for him as he doesn't really like the boy.
A dysfunctional marriage

Elizabeth Collins has never been fond of the old Laura, a flimsy irresponsible gold-digger but she's taken aback by her improvements. She thinks her nephew David should stay in Collinwood nonetheless but is kind enough to let Laura stay as well (for the reasons a) To keep an eye on her and away from Burke b) To observe her relationship with David). Laura is given Matthew's cottage for her privacy.

David Collins is the one that reacts "the strongest and the strangest" of them all. For months he's been saying he hated his father because of the way he treated his mother. But when Laura arrives, he starts to have intense nightmares about her and flames. He also claims to feel her presence and see her outside his window even when she isn't around. Right before meeting her, he switches from extreme emotions of happines to fear. When he does meet her at the house, he sees an aura of fire around her that makes him run to his room to everybody's surprise. He claims to Vicki that woman isn't his mother. His concerns are dismissed as nervousness of meeting her but he isn't sure. Later that night when Laura moves into Matthew's cottage in a hurry, David has nightmares in which Laura calls out to him.
Laura's flames scare David

Vicki, Maggie and Carolyn (who unfortunately reappears after almost a 10 episode absence) seem to be fond of the woman so far.

What will happen now that she lives on the grounds of Collinwood is to be seen~

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hmm new exciting character who may turn out to be a villain, nice!

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