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Vampiric Obsessions

Maggie takes center stage (as she should!!) when Barnabas develops a paculiar interest in her in Episodes #121-126

Barnabas sneaks up on Maggie one night at the coffee shop. She serves him the last of the coffee; obviously he's one of them vampires who do not limit their cuisine with blood. He impresses Maggie with his nobility. They have a chat about his Collinness and his part silver part gold wolf's head walking cane which he incidently forgets when he leaves. Also during their convo, dogs outside begin to howl creepily.
 Maggie terrified by the dogs / Barnabas's cane

Right after Barnabas leaves, Joe walks in but hasn't seen him on his way in. He is worried about Maggie cause a local girl's recently got attacked by a man she couldn't see. They find Barnabas's cane and decide to take it up to the Old House. Once there, Barnabas gives Maggie another jump with more sneak-up-onage but he's slightly disappointed that she's come with her boyfriend. He kindly thanks and once they're gone, Willie appears and asks what he wants with the girl. Barnabas dismisses and sends Willie out on another errand. Then he stares out the window and Maggie, at her house with Joe, feels a chill as if someone's watching her.
The Old House looks like a church

The next night, Maggie rushes home breathlessly cause she's felt someone following her. Coincidentally, Barnabas knocks on the door and has her invite him in (Still unclear if vampires need invitation in this universe or he's just being polite?). Sam too comes home worried cause some other girl has been attacked. Barnabas asks Sam to do his portrait which he agrees but he wants it right away and only at nights, so they leave for the Old House.
Sam gives the news of the attack

Sam works on the portrait till the break of dawn and just he's about to add one more detail, Barnabas gets nervous and suddenly disappears. Willie says he'll drive Sam home, to his confusion.
This one better not burst into flames

Meanwhile, the news of Willie working for Barnabas spreads quickly when Vicki finds him at the Old House on day. David's shocked to find the Old House not so old anymore. He's specially mad at Barnabas for taking down Josette's portrait. He feels like Josette has left the house forever but Barnabas, right after yet another creepy sneaking up, informs him that he will have the portrait put up in another room and David can visit whenever he wants. 
David's friendly ghost is gone

Both Jason and Elizabeth try to warn Barnabas about Willie but he politely says he has him under control and they needn't worry.

Burke pays another visit to Liz to ask about some parcel of land she's recently sold . He asks why she needed the cash so bad for? She keeps her silence but we later learn, as we have guessed, that it's for Jason's hush money.

Maggie's Hammer Horror Nightmare
That night with Sam up at the Old House, Maggie wakes screaming from a surreal nightmare where she sees herself lying dead inside a coffin. She calls Joe and they head to the Blue Whale. Joe's surprised to see a strong girl like Maggie break by a nightmare. To add more to her misery, Sam and Barnabas also decide to hit the bar after their art session. Maggie tries to avoid Barnabas as much as she can and eventually asks Joe to take her home but not before Barnabas kindly utters a "Sweet dreams" on their way out. 
It sucks to be the object of
a vampire's desire

Barnabas also meets Burke at the bar who too warns him about Willie. Barnabas says he'll get rid off him if he causes more trouble. He also tells the story behind his wolf-head cane, something about taming the wild and untameable. Burke likens that to Willie. Then, Barnabas gets distracted by something and leaves.
Barnabas lets Burke touch his cane

Maggie waits up for Sam to sleep. Once she's asleep, Barnabas appears outside her room, enters through the glass doors, stands over her bed, lifts his cane and smiles. Oh nooo!!!~
Lock your windows ladies,
Barnabas is in town!

I seriously want to pet Willie. He's such a reformed angel, worried for people's safety; trying hard to take the visitors away from the Old House.

And the contant ominous howling of the dogs just before something scary happens is creepy and great!!!

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