Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Aftermath

So the séance with the fancy "e" is over...but its effects sure are not in Episodes #171-175

  • Vicki awakes after having been momentarily knocked out. Laura, though knows French, avoids translating Josette's message. Luckily good old Doc Guthrie also speaks it and says it was about "someone who sleeps without sleeping/ a boy in danger/ a fire through centuries" and got interrupted just before she was to name the evil force. Darn! Vicki also tries to remember her experience in "limbo" when Josette was in control. Says she's felt as if burning alive by the end of it. Roger and Laura are very annoyed by it all.
Post séance blues

  • Taken to her room, Vicki discuss things with Carolyn who highly believes Laura is behind it all. Later when she's in bed, Vicki wakes up feeling someone in her room: Laura...She dreamily warns Vicki to go away for her own good and then vanishes. 
The uninvited visitor

  • The next morning Mrs Johnson cleans Laura's cottage and gossips like there's no tomorrow. She learns the details of the séance and rushes it to Burke, who gets worried about Vicki's health and orders Mrs Johnson to keep an eye on her.
Laura gets very protective of her
fire to Mrs. Johnson's confusion

  • Dr. Guthrie wants to check on Vicki but is stopped by Mrs Johnson's over-my-dead-body attitude. So is Laura, who instead has a talk with Guthrie and learns the existence of the audio tape. Later on, Guthrie shockingly discovers the recording is replaced with the sound of fire.
The Roadblock

  • Burke visits Laura at her cottage where she almost slips her involvement in Liz's trance. She asks for Burke's help with gaining David's trust.
  • David knows about the séance (thank you Mrs Johnson) and scolds Vicki and Laura for not being invited.
  • Frank is surprised to hear the recording of the séance is replaced. Carolyn joins him and Dr. Guthrie and learns her mother is actually getting better and that the distance helps. Guthrie also wants to hold another séance, this time in the Old House without Laura.
Wouldn't be a soap if one or more
characters stared away while talking

  • Carolyn tries to remain friends with Joe.
  • Lt. Riley enters the morgue in Phoenix to find the burnt body gone. This comes as a shock to the residents of Collinwood.
Uh oh~

  • Burke has a talk with Vicki where she admits everything she knows about Laura. He is not so sure of her anymore.
  • Guthrie has a showdown with Laura in her cottage. He tells about the missing body to which she acts very panicky. Guthrie the Ballsy welcomes Laura's no longer subtle threats with open arms. Burke interrupts them and Guthrie leaves. Laura also gets rid off Burke and sits in front of the fire. 
Laura's becoming a joke

  • In the house, Guthrie feels dizzy and calls for Vicki's help before collapsing in front of the fire place (for a sec, I'd thought he'd actually fall into it). History has repeated itself~
No new tricks in her hat

I'm trying so hard to write shorter.
Raise your hand if you think it's sometimes a little too detailed~
I can cut back on the details maybe? And believe me these are already cut versions.


Melis said...

I cannot believe my eyes
The Collinwoods' filled with fire and lies!

ps: the length of the posts are short enough imo, if you wrote shorter you couldn't tell anything

Efe X said...

it alwayzz iizz dahlin' (picture it with a fancy rich women accent)

well, i keep trying to shorten them but always fail anyway!
notice how posts tend to start very short and end longer? :)