Monday, August 8, 2011

Thoughts on Laura

Just a quickie..

     Well, she seems pretty interesting and is definetly a fresh breath to the show~

First of all, she has an odd way about her. Like she's always in a trance or something. And kinda sorta reminds me of these two characters on the right.
And maybe an older Luna Lovegood~

I know she'll be established as somewhat of a villain but right now, except for her subliminal likeness to those two characters, I can't see it. She seems kind and nice but then again, hell hath no fury like a Phoenix scorned.

And about that!! I don't know how they'll play out the whole Phoenix thing but I'm very curious. So far, I like how she's almost always associated with fire: Posited in front of a fireplace, staring at a match's fire, getting drawn in flames. Also seemed to have an effect on Sam Evans and David but her full power set is to be seen~ 

Behold Jean, Laura Collins is in town!


Melis said...

hahaha Luna Lovegood, you Harry Potter freak! I love it! :)

she won't be like Drusilla I hope, her "always in trance" state just annoyed me..

Efe X said...

if there's a Harry Potter freak here, that would be you ;)

no worries, she isn't on Dru's level. and HEY I like Dru!!

Melis said...

I'm not referencing Luna Lovegood in my blog posts, though I am a proud HP freak :)

btw I saw a typo in one of the posts but I forgot which one :P

The Daughter of God and Alexandre Dumas said...

Oh the voice, the whiney voice. And Roger eyes! I'm so happy that after 50 something episodes, Laura is finally gone+ because of her we couldn't see the delightful performance of Mrs. Bennett.

Efe X said...

No worries, you'll see plenty of Liz soon ;)