Monday, August 22, 2011

Fire's Peak

Our good old Doctor Peter Guthrie is gone and Laura gets on with her plans in Episodes #186-190.

  • Burke and Joe rush to the Old House to pass the news of Dr. Guthrie's death. Vicki wants to go through with the séance anyway now that she's so pro. Instead of Josette, David gets posssessed by David Radcliffe's ghost. He recounts the fire in 1876 and  prophecizes another one and a death in a small house by the sea.

  • Later, Burke and Vicki bring David home who claims he wants to get away with his mother. Roger and Burke decide to put a hold on their vendetta and work together for a common cause: Keeping David safe. They plan to send the clueless David with Burke on a fishing trip the next morning while Roger kicks Laura out.

  • Vicki also makes a shocking discovery. The fire that killed Laura Murdoch Radcliffe and her son happened 100 years ago, on that very night.

  • Roger goes to Laura's cabin to give her the boot right away. But she acts first and says she'll leave town next morning cause the rumours circulating her has a bad effect on David. Not satisfied with her honesty, Burke also pays a visit where she cries as they say goodbye. Burke buys this. Vicki, however, decides to spend the night in David's room.

  • But right before she comes in, Laura appears to David and tells him to evade the other plans and meet her the next evening at the old fishing shack (Burke and Vicki recently saw David play there once).

  • The next day everyone's relieved that Laura's got on the bus and left. Everyone but Vicki and Joe who have doubts. Burke forces Vicki on to a date and Joe goes on to investigate.

  • That night David tries to get rid off Mrs Johnson who won't leave him alone in his room, creating some hilarious moments.

  • Joe interrupts Burke and Vicki's date to inform that they were mistaken about the date of the fire..something about past midnight time difference thing. So it is actually tonight. Vicki gets worried and phones Collinwood.

  • Mrs Johnson is forced to answer it (where are Roger and Carolyn, one asks) giving David a chance to escape. She goes berserk searching for him and blames herself!! Arriving in Collinwood, Burke and Joe search the grounds and Vicki phones the bus company to learn Laura's vanished during the trip.

  • David arrives in the fishing shack but Laura's not there. He hides from Burke and Joe, who come in but fail to see him. Then from the dark corner Laura appears holding an oil lamp. She hands it to David and tells him to stare into the fire, hypnotizing him with words.

  • Alone in the drawing room, Vicki has contact with Josette and is reminded of the fishing shack.

  • David drops the lamp and a fire breaks out between them. Laura calls him towards herself with open arms.

We're so close to the end of the Laura arc. Season 2 is around the corner~ I'll hold onto my seat and enjoy how it resolves!!

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