Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Séance!!

    Tension is in the air leading to the moment of the séance (which they showed on the last episode of the week as I suspected; Friday cliffhangers are always more intense) in Episodes #166-170. So I'll basically cut the crap and to the chase!

  • David comes back from the cottage the next morning and Carolyn almost literally suffocates him with love.  He's alright but acts a bit firestare-y. He felt Josette's presence and scent so knew he was alright with his mother. Wants to spend more time with her.

  • Joe and Maggie are officially an item now. They know it, Carolyn knows it (and is mature about it, can you believe it) and heck even Burke Devlin knows it.
Love Birds

  • Speaking of Burke, after another intimate talk with Laura, he suspects Dr. Guthrie is a detective. They meet up where witty remarks fly back and forth. Burke says he'll find out who he really is (most people in town know him as a mere psychologist -minus the para prefix). He also bullies Sam Evans for being friendly with Guthrie. He's getting to be a major ass.
Burke's feeble threats have
no effect on Dr. Guthrie

  • Carolyn can't strain herself from confronting Laura about her mother. Laura once again implicity throws threats against which Carolyn stays steel hard.
Liz Collins Stoddard Jr

Aaand finally the séance:
A séance can be sensual
Dr. Guthrie suspects Laura may be planting visions in David's head in the form of dreams. He offers to contact Josette's spirit as he thinks she is trying to help but doesn't have enough power to openly do so. Vicki and Carolyn consent, Roger the buttmonkey doesn't but sarcastically agrees to join anyway. Guthrie also invites Laura; she panics and declines. Vicki has a gut feeling something will happen to her. Carolyn has a breakdown upon learning her mother doesn't have much time and calls the séance off at the last minute. Then she calms down, matures up and wants to go ahead with it. They hold the séance on a stormy night. Eventually, Josette's spirit overtakes Vicki's body who moans and moans. Right before she's to speak, SWING open the doors of the drawing room and stands in the doorway a dark cloaked figure: Laura Collins!!!!!! 

Mystery solved?
After the dramatic enterance where we think she's gonna tear the place down, she calmly says she's changed her mind and wants to join the séance. Vicki's shaken a bit after the experience but wants to go on anyway. After some more chanting and finger touching, Josette once again possesses Vicki's body. Carolyn smells jasmine as Vicki suddenly starts to speak in French (I knew I should have picked French instead of German in high school). Luckily, Guthrie is audio taping the whole session. As she tells a story in a language she doesn't know, Laura does something by wide opening her eyes and focusing on Vicki which makes her scream in agony and collapse on the table!!!
"Eyes of Laura Mars Collins"

Here's something to cheer us up after the fatigue of the séance:
Alexandra Moltke, aka our lovely Vicki Winters, holding the slate and sending us kisses. It was fun to see her do a dramatic scene right after this.


balance776 said...

oh the first seance! you'll love the next one they do in season 2. Roger thinks he's an expert on seances by then, and Vicki has forgotten she was possessed! lol

Keep these updates coming, im enjoying reading them and seeing the stills from the shows!

Efe X said...

Haha Roger you chump ~
They're planning to do one more soon..wonder if they'll ever pull it off!

Thanks again, I'm very happy you are enjoying it!

The Daughter of God and Alexandre Dumas said...

The séance was the first time when I spooked a little bit. But I blame my cat who jumped on the bed (halfly).

Efe X said...

Haahahah, even the thought of it is hilarious :)