Sunday, August 7, 2011

Phoenix & The Ghosts

Sooo...things are brewing in Collinsport when ghosts start to make more appearances and a new mysterious character arrives in town!! #121-125

  • David finally finds out about Vicki, not on his first attempt but later on. However, he gets scared she'll tell the Sheriff about him helping Matthew so he keeps it a secret...for a while! But Matthew, oblivious to his discovery, is angry that he's snooping around.
David leaves Vicki to rot!

  • Later, Matthew hears a woman's other wordly voice call his name. She claims to be Josette Collins but doesn't say much else. Matthew thinks he's going nuts. He also witnesses her portrait glow. Vicki can't hear the voices so tries to convince him that he's just tired and dreaming the whole deal.
On the brink of madness!

  • At the diner Maggie and Joe are celebrating discussing his what seems to be the permanent break up with Carolyn, when a mysterious woman arrives. She asks Maggie about the Collins family, tells she was an old resident and she's been mostly in Phoenix, Arizona for the last couple of years. She also knows a great deal about Phoenix as in the mythical bird (it's not officially declared yet, but it's easy to guess that she's Laura Collins, Roger's wife and David's mother. She also is a supernatural being...hint: it starts with P! Yay cause I've been looking forward to this character & storyline)
From the ashes she came..

  • At night, while dealing with the moral dilemma of keeping Vicki's whereabouts secret, David is visited by Bill Malloy's ghost, still drippin with seaweed, who tells him to help Vicki. When his father doesn't listen to him, he calls Burke up to Collinwood. Burke shows up minutes later, to Roger's disapproval & discomfort.

A busy night for Bill Malloy

  • In the woods, Matthew also encounters Bill Malloy's ghost who warns him that "Someone at Collinwood will die tonight". Matthew, misinterpreting Bill's message, says he's going to kill Vicki tonight because the Widows (of the Widows' Hill) demand a third woman to die.

Since it takes a lot of time do a post (almost two-three episodes worth) I've decided to write shorter and not as much detailed from now on. At least I will try~


Melis said...

wait so she really is a phoenix? sorta like Jean Grey?

Efe X said...

maybe ;)