Monday, August 8, 2011

Shift in Mystery

Episodes #126-130 present a beautiful shift of events by finally ending one prolonged plot while starting another in a seamless blend.

  • In the Old House, bound to a chair with Matthew on her neck, Vicki is visited by Josette Collins' ghost who soothes and tells her not to be afraid. A friendly ghost indeed!
Josette socializing

  • Back in Collinwood and every moment counting, Burke tries to fish information out of David, who stalls and stalls and deserves a slap across the face for it from me. Finally, he admits the whole thing about Matthew and reveals where Vicki is. 
The most painful 2 minutes of my life

  • Right before attempting to dig an axe into Vicki's skull, Matthew once again starts hearing women's echoey voices calling his name. He leaves Vicki in the hidden room and goes out to the living room, where Bill Malloy's ghost appear before him, taunting by singing a sailors' song. Also dressed in old time clothes, the ghosts of the Widows appear as well. He tries to fight them off but to no avail. They keep repeating "Your life" and corner him. We, along with Vicki, only hear his terrified screams. Speak of ghost overload!!
Bill Malloy makes a perfect widow

  • Moments later, Burke and Roger come to Vicki's rescue armed with rifles. They also find Matthew's lifeless body in the living room. 
Critical Moments of A Rescue Operation

  • Later, a traumatized Vicki tells the whole story with Josette's ghost. She also claims the ghost sort of resembled herself and can be her ancestor. Liz says she isn't sure what to believe and we learn one other Collins (Liz's great aunt) had encountered the same ghost many years ago when she was in peril. Vicki's really intent on leaking into the Collins family, isn't she?
Bed time (ghost) stories

  • There's also some more attraction going on between Vicki and Burke, who is later warned by Liz not to mess with neither Vicki nor Carolyn. She also talks of Vicki as if she's her own daughter..can it be?
Vicki turns into Carolyn & A Lioness defending her cub?

  • The next day, everybody knows about Matthew's death which is ruled out as heart attack but also mentioned is his terrified facial expressions when he died (by now we are aware Maggie is the ultimate gossip girl; nothing escapes her). Sam Evans meets his daughter Maggie at the diner and is petrified to learn about the mystery woman (Laura)'s arrival (more gossip).
Phoenixes make Sam uncomfy

  • After being sure that it is indeed Laura, Sam meets Roger to let him in on the news. They act like it's the worst thing that could happen concerning the accident 10 years ago, which we now know is caused by Roger and witnessed by Sam. We also learn Laura started drinking after that event and was sent to a sanitorium because of it.
    Roger has never looked happier

    • Later at home, a drunk Sam lights a match and seems enchanted by it. He begins to paint instantly to Maggie's amazement. When he wakes up, he doesn't remember doing the painting of a woman in flames.
    Sam's trial by fire

    • The news of Laura's arrival cause somewhat of a confusion in Collinwood. Liz thinks her unstabililty may harm David. Roger is once again acts cowardly, which Liz notices and wonders why. An eavesdropping Mrs Johnson meets Burke to tell the news who takes it rather shocked.
    Laura's arrival brings joy to everyone in town!

    • Later that night, Laura visits Collinwood uninformed. She claims she's better now and all she wants is a divorce and David's full custody. Meanwhile, David restlessly mumbles "Mother!" in his sleep. Right after Laura leaves, a sleepwalking/tranced David comes downstairs and the main door blows open with the wind, which triggers David to run out shoting "Mother'". Liz and Roger grab him at the last minute and look truely scared.
    Mommy issues

    Ok, if this is me posting shorter, I don't know what long is~
    But what can I do, things are happening alright!


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