Saturday, August 20, 2011

Guthrie's Trial By Fire

As the bells of doom begin to close up on Laura, she resorts to desperate measures in Episodes #181-185

  • Guthrie and Joe report back everything that's happened to a nervous Carolyn and Vicki. They are advised to do everything they can to keep David away from Laura.
The Scooby Gang

  • Carolyn checks up on David while he's sleeping. He awakes and is surprised by her affections. The next day he writes an essay about an imaginary sister. Aww~
Sister Act 

  • Later sitting by the fireplace, David sees a vision of himself in the fire. Vicki and Guthrie hardly calm him down.
"I don't like how I look in this vision"

  • Joe finds another copy of the 1870's newspaper at the library and brings it to Collinwood. Guthrie and Vicki are shocked to learn that Laura Murdoch Stockbridge had a son named David, who burnt in her arms in that fire.
Joe hits the library

  • Misinterpreting the vision in fire as a danger in Collinwood, David decides to leave with his mother. Vicki kindly points out Laura's connection with fire. Vicki also asks for Burke's help to change David's mind about Laura, letting him in on the new revelations.
  • Back from visiting Liz, Roger's disturbed by the old Laura-David story but it takes Josette to point the article to his face to make him fully believe in the supernatural. Roger learns David of the 1870's wanted to burn. He finally agrees that David should be kept away.
Josette pops Roger's cherry

  • He also lets Laura know about this change of heart. She threatens to testify against him at the manslaughter case. Really, Phoenix is this all you can do? Legal battle?
  • Then Laura begs Burke to help her legally (sheesh!) who literally looks her under a new light and says she is not the Laura he once knew.
  • After learning how Laura never puts out her fire in the cottage from Mrs Johnson (who never gossips according to herself), Guthrie visits Laura again and calls her "the undead". He says he knows about her life through centuries and maybe the science can help her if she left David alone. She also freaks out when he tries to put out the fire. He's once again sent with heartfelt threats.
"Let's have dinner together after
we're done threatening each other"

  • Once again Laura pulls the stare-into-the-fire-memory-swap-whatever-it-is-thing on Guthrie. At the same time, Josette's ghost appears to David and points him to the doctor in the drawing room. When David gets near him, Laura's influence diminishes. Guthrie announces David's the key.
Think Dawn'd give up her keydoom without a fight?

  • The preps for the second séance get underway, this time it'll involve the people Josette openly made contact with: David, Vicki and Sam Evans (he did paint the portraits). David's happy, Sam accepts despite Maggie's initial opposition, Vicki just loves to get fondled by ghosts. At night they gather at the Old House and wait for Guthrie.
The Séancees!

  • Laura learns about the secret séance from nobody but Mrs Johnson of course. She once again stares into the fireplace and Dr Guthrie, driving back from the town, gets sensitive to bright lights, loses control of the car and crashes. Laura once again looks satisfied as the car begins to burn.
Well, she did warm him..for like 238 times


Easter Egg: More actors with the slate. Now if only Roger held one, smiling. (Actually I read he was such a fun person, always cracking people up just before ACTION~)
Some more of those and we can have a 2012 Calendar!


Melis said...

Dawn looks like a monkey in that capture :D

Efe X said...

But wasn't she part key part monkey? ;)

I'm getting the impression you're on the point of just looking at the pictures now Melis ;)

The Daughter of God and Alexandre Dumas said...

Did you notice how sweet the girl who plays Vicky is holding the slate. She must be younger than Vicky and making sweet little things on the camera. + David is super cute in the screenshot you got (yes, I have a crush on him, haha).
A question: why the number 47-49 when we have 180 or something episodes?

Efe X said...

They've reset the numbers at one point to keep better track I guess. Maybe it was after the new year?