Saturday, August 13, 2011

Baby It Burns (to be your fire on the side)*

Heartbreak, enchantment and more fire in episodes #146-150

  • Sam burns his hands in the small fire which Maggie puts out. He's sure it was Laura who did it somehow. They call the doctor.
Baby it burns, baby it burns~

  • Elizabeth interrups Laura's trance-firestarter thingie causing her to make an extremely terrified/hilarious facial expression which scares Liz. She observes David's once again afraid of Laura who blurts out she doesn't have much time concerning him. Hmm?
Self explanatory

  • Maggie shows up at Collinwood to have a talk with Laura and figure out why her father's been acting so strange. Laura beats around the bush.
Maggie isn't afraid to show her balls

  • Meanwhile hearing about Sam's accusations of Laura and the fire, an angry Roger visits Sam only to find out the second painting has been burnt as well even though the fire wasn't anywhere near it. They can't explain it with logic.
Mission accomplished!

  • Roger means to remove the original painting from David's room (to David's utter dissent) but can't bring himself to do it for some reason. He also has a talk with Vicki where she mentions her suspicions of all the events concerning Laura and fires. Roger doesn't really care.
Finally putting 2 n 2 together

  • Vicki meets Burke in his hotel room to voice her concerns about Laura. Burke doesn't think highly of her obviously.
I don't have anything sarcastic to say

  • Upon her request, Laura and Burke meet at the docks where she asks for his help with David, whose parentage is slightly questioned again. They get intimate.
Midnight meeting of the Old Flames

  • The next day, when Vicki visits Burke again he seems to have a change of heart about Laura, now telling Vicki that she should help David to get to like her. Vicki doesn't understand that over night change in him.
Vicki can't recognize the new Burke

  • Frank Garner, as the lawyer of the Collins', has a meeting with Lt. Riley (of Arizona) in his new Collinsport office. He learns the positive IDing of the burnt body hasn't been done yet and murder is one of the thories as one neighbour spotted Laura at the scene. Later, Vicki visits him for advice on the same matter and decides to do everything she can to stop Laura from getting David.
Frank's brand new office

  • Burke, under some weird influence of Laura, breaks up(!) with Carolyn who begs and begs but slams the door on her way out. She's jealous of her aunt now.
End of an era

  • The ghost of Josette shows up in David's room and touches the painting on the wall. 
Touched for the very first time~

  • Sam has an unexplainable urge to see the original painting, so goes up to Collinwood. Vicki's sent to David's room to collect it, who screams at the sight of the painting now completed: David's head. She brings it down and Sam panics explaining the paint is dry and how he used to feel like he was being "used by an outside force" painting it. Vicki says there was a scent of jasmine in David's room and she also smelled it when Josette first appeared to her at the Old House. Roger gets mad and throws the painting in the fireplace. As it burns a woman's scream echoes from the painting!!! (They try to pass it off as wind or something. Yeah right!)
One of them Kinescope copies as seen from the poor quality

  • Elizabeth has another talk with Laura and strongly insists that David stays in Collinwood cause ever since her arrival he's been acting differently. Laura slightly threatens Liz and once again states she needs David and doesn't have much time. She's also happy to learn Roger's burned the painting and her relationship with her son can get better now.
Potential catfight material!

  • David throws a hissy fit upon learning the painting's fate. He runs to up his room crying and asks Vicki to tell the story of the Phoenix as he tries to sleep. Later he wakes up to find Laura in his room who says she'll take him with her to the place she's going. She gives him a handkerchief for his tears and a moment later, she disappears. David falls asleep and drops the handkerchief on the floor.
7 differences

* great song, check it out. Carolyn's break up blues~

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