Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And The Killer Is....

Not this time, BOB!

         I've never thought the Bill Malloy mystery would be solved that fast (let's say it's quasisolved) but now we finally know who offed the poor man! Covering episodes #107-113 (fun fact. There are no episodes #109 and 110. I mean chronologically there are but every once in a while show apparently got replaced with another program and producers, wanting to keep Friday episodes ending either with 0 or 5, skipped those numbers and fit it so the Fridays would be numbered as wanted)

  • Frank Garner (the Jr lawyer aka Vicki's potential love interest) arrives in town, just in time for Sam Evans' questioning. Sam says he was out on a beach somewhere watching the moonshine during attempts on Vicki's life. He doesn't have an alibi yada yada he's not the killer so moving on~ 
Frank defends Vicki against 
his father's wishes

  • Vicki, looking for David around the Old House alone at night (why she'd do that knowing someone tried to attack her twice in the last couple of days beats me) is almost crushed when a heavy stone urn is pushed from the top of the house (misses her by inches) MATTHEW?!!!!

  • Vicki, not knowing this, rushes into Matthew's cottage as it's the closest place to call the Sheriff but is interrupted and held hostage by Matthew. It takes a little while til our naive Vicki figures out it's always been Matthew. He confesses killing Bill Malloy. And trying to enter her room. And run her down. He says he did it to protect the family but didn't want Malloy to die; he slipped and fell on the rocks while they were struggling. He also didn't mean to kill Vicki before, just scare her away, but now has to do it, now that she knows.
The ending of Friday the 13th Part II

  • Meanwhile, with Vicki missing..again, Liz alerts the Sheriff and joins the search of the grounds herself with Frank Garner. Frank asks if she knew anyone who'd want to protect the family as much as to commit murder..and it gives her an idea. She rushes into Matthew's shack just in time to stop him  from snapping Vicki's neck. With a command of his mistress, he lets Vicki go but acts like a cornered child, not letting them leave. He confesses everything and stops himself just before attacking Liz, then flees the scene.
Boundries of hierarchy almost breached!

  • Liz and Vicki meet Frank and the Sheriff at the house. They tell them everything they know. Sheriff orders the roads blocked as Matthew was seen in his car. 

  • Frank invites Vicki to Bangor for a romantic weekend away from trouble, to which Liz agrees (wonder how many times Vicki will keep using traumatic experiences as an excuse to skip her job). She also sincerely apologizes to Roger for blaming him but he acts like a dumbass (thankfully Liz puts him in his place. Go girl!). She also comforts Vicki saying Matthew's car was spotted miles and miles away and she should be fine. But she doesn't know that Matthew is actually lurking around the Old House.

    • The next morning Mrs Johnson once again visits Burke in his hotel room, this time to inform him of the whole Matthew ordeal. Neither of them are satisfied with the identity of the killer(!?) and agree they'll keep working together til they brought down Roger Collins. Luckily someone else feels the same way. David also visits Burke, saying he's disappointed that the killer wasn't his father and hates him cause of the way he treated his mother, Laura who's in a hospital because of him. He also says he's worried that the third woman to die at Widows' Hills (the infamous town legend/prophecy) would be Vicki Winters and implies she may even be a member of the Collins family.
    Burke, in need of Advil, after
    hearing the news

    • Later, David goes into the Old House to talk with Josette Collins' painting/ghost, hoping to learn of Matthew's whereabouts. When Matthew catches him, David offers to work together to blame it all on his father. <Enter Closing Credits~
    You don't need enemies when you
    have a son like David!

    soooo..the caretaker is the killer, huh? Gotta say it wasn't what I was expecting. I crossed his name over as a suspect long time ago. Mostly due to the fact that he is not a likely villain. He's more like a child or an animal than an evil, plotting human. He did it for the sake of loyalty. So no catharsis here~

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    Melis said...

    well why did Matthew tell all that to Vicki, not like anyone really suspected him or he was caught red handed or anything...

    Melis said...

    and rofl @ the Twin Peaks pic, that was a scary scene.

    Efe X said...

    he's not mentally stable, he panicked~

    and yeah, it was wasn't it :)