Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Doctor Doctor

The presence of Doctor Peter Guthrie cause some disturbance in Collinwood. Episodes #161-165

  • Carolyn is extra gloomy after Liz's transfer to the hospital. She also reminds Roger that she has the legal power to run the house and the business and nothing can happen without her consent. I must admit I'm getting to like her.

  • Dr. Guthrie lets David take him to the Old House to meet his ghost friends. When David's alone in the living room, the painting that his father has burned appears on the place of Josette's portait. David is shocked to see the completed painting (with his face and all) for the first time. The vision goes away when Guthrie comes back.

  • Roger doesn't like Guthrie snooping around and isn't afraid to show it.

  • Guthrie meets Laura and Sam Evans respectively. He implies Laura's benefiting from Liz's condition and has belief in Sam about his out-of-controlness while making the portraits of Laura.

  • Burke tells Vicki about Liz and Laura's encounter at the cottage prior to Liz's sickness. He still thinks the world of Laura. Geez!!

  • Vicki shares this info with Guthrie and Carolyn who wants to outright punch Laura in the face. Guthrie tells them to sit on it not to arouse Laura's suspicion. He also offers to organize a séance!

  • Laura strongly (and strangely) insists that David spends the night at her cabin to Vicki's opposition. Laura warns threatens Vicki not to meddle. Carolyn sticks with Vicki but the bastard Roger manages to evade them and allows David go to his mother. I wanna strangle him!

  • As David sleeps on his mothers knee on the sofa, Laura feels Josette's presence and tells David's hers now and she can't protect him. Josette appears and reaches out to David before fading away. Laura strokes David's hair defiantly.

Alright so Dr Guthrie isn't as charming as I made him out to be in the last post. He actually looks like Roy Scheider. But we don't care about his looks now do we. He seems to do a good job~

And a shout out to my friend Zeynep who started to watch Dark Shadows herself (let's see if you'll get this far up to read this post). We'll conquer the world one person at a time ~ Also I notice Dark Shadowed has some new followers. Feel free to drop a line guys ;)


balance776 said...

Thanks for blogging this, im also watching Dark Shadows but I wasnt able to find the first season... had to start with season 2 when Barnabus is introduced.

Im enjoying your updates alot, since its saving me from backtracking through the first season lol

Efe X said...


I should thank you for commenting~

Can't wait to move on to Season 2 myself, I bet you're enjoying it!!

The Daughter of God and Alexandre Dumas said...

I did! Everytime I stopped watching, Josette appears and points out the computer. What can I do?

Efe X said...

Hahaha!! well said~