Thursday, August 11, 2011


We gather more info about Laura aka Phoenix and a minor penis clash between Roger and Burke occurs in Episodes # 136-140

  • A nervous Roger invites his lawyers Richard and Frank Garner in the middle of the night to discuss divorce proceedings. We also learn Roger had lied to Richard, his attorney at the time of the trial, about his involvement in the accident and still does.
Lawyer & Liar

  • This meeting also gives Vicki and Frank a chance for a quick reunion where we learn Garners will be opening a branch in Collinsport that'll let Frank be in town all the time. Vicki shows no remorse whatsoever about kissing Burke. You might as well be a Collins afterall, Vicki ;)
Forget about Burke, this is your
prince charming Vicki!

  • Sam is very irritated when Maggie wants to take a look at his new painting but she manages anyway. He admits he isn't in control of this painting, which isn't even in his style. Sam also shows it to Roger, who flees the scene shouting. Sam tries to destroy the painting but can't bring himself to it.
Sam's painting skills have improved

  • Burke once again uses Carolyn (who is in town to collect Laura's bags from the hotel) as a date-bait to fish for information. He's upset that Laura lives in Collinwood and Carolyn is jealous but concedes it. Pfft! He offers her a ride to Collinwood to help her with the luggage to see Laura.
Oh Carolyn, if only you knew..

  • The same night, Sheriff visits Collinwood unexpectedly and announces that a burnt body of a woman identified as Laura Collins was found in her house in Phoenix, Arizona, to everybody's surprise. He questions Laura and decides that it was obviously a mistake.
Someone obviously forgot to clean
 up the mess after being reborn!

  • Later, Burke also visits Laura's cottage (formerly Matthew's) where he forces her to help (and kiss) him. They are walked in on by a gun wielding Roger who threatens to kill Burke. Knowing Roger doesn't have any balls, Burke grabs the rifle out of his hands and leaves rather charismatically. Roger also questions David being his son.
Roger's suddenly very possessive of his wife

  • The next morning, David once again wakes up restless from fire-y dreams. Vicki and Laura have breakfast together where Laura strangely asks for a lock of David's hair (she also shows a Collins family heirloom locket in which she keeps David's baby hair). To solve the conflict between them, Vicki arranges a coincidental meeting between Laura and David on Widows' Hill (She actually suggests the greenhouse but Laura gets weird about it for some reason and offers the Hill instead). There, David first panics and almost falls over the edge. But upon seeing Laura cry cause of him, he brings down his guard and finally accepts that she is his mother.
Mommy issues cont'd

  • Later we see all of them have dinner together (minus Carolyn for our delight) for the first time. Liz kindly warns Laura about seeing Burke Devlin and also informs her about David's interactions with ghosts.
Brady Bunched! 

  • After dinner, Laura and David sit by the fireplace and look at old pictures. Laura excitedly begins to tell the story of a Phoenix' life circle, to which Vicki eavesdrops on secretly (and looks like she's suspecting something. If she does help solve this thing, I will forgive her for being a whimp). When Laura ends the story, the front door blows open with a strong wind, also causing the drawing room doors to bang open, revealing Vicki. Eek!!!
Phoenix, interrupted!

That's it so far. Cool, eh? But I will be very angry if this whole talk about death and rebirth turns out to be a metaphor for menopause. 
See ya in the next one~

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