Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Season One Finale

Thievery, bar brawl and more cemetery visitations in Episodes #206-209 and this concludes the 1966-1967 run of the show~ Woo hooo!!

The New Willie
First of all, let me tell you how extremely glad I was so see the actor playing Willie Loomis replaced by someone else. This guy isn't as freaky and annoying as the previous one, so I can't bring myself to hate the character as much as I did one episode ago. I guess the producers must have noticed the amount of annoyance the previous one emited to the point of making watching of the show unbearable (can't tell if it was good of him as an actor to achieve this or not) and found this brand new one. But regardless of the actor, let me tell you something about Willie...he's a real creep!

Round 1:Willie gets pushed around
So ok, Vicki tells on Willie to Burke, who comes up to Collinwood and asks Liz if she's in any trouble and need of help. She refuses but thanks for his sincerity anyway. He also almost pins Willie to the wall when he catches him disturbing Vicki

Round 2:Willie pulls a knife;
 Burke throws a punch
Same night Burke's out to have drinks with Sam, Maggie and Joe at the bar like a gang out of Dawson's Creek and runs into Willie and Jason! Jason buys Burke a drink to win him over to their side but Burke doesn't fall for it and tries to find out Jason's agenda. Meanwhile Willie pesters Sam and Maggie with obscenities but Burke teaches him his lesson with some serious slapping and punchings to the ground. Burke orders him gone asap and Willie swears revenge. (This whole episode takes place in Blue Whale and it's exterior. Extra hero points to Burke!!~)

Willie the Gollum loves to caress
Liz's had enough and finally persuades Jason to kick Willie out of Collinwood with a $500 bribe. So Willie attempts some petty thefts such as stealing Liz's million dollar diamond pin which Jason finds out about and gives it back to Liz, who is perfectly aware of Willie's actions and wants him gone like yesterday! Or else she'll call the cops on 'em~

David introduces his great great
great great great relatives
So, when it doesn't work Willie gets obsessed with the Collins family ancestors and their jewelery. Staring at it constantly, he starts to hear the heartbeat sound from Barnabas's portrait. I think he's the only character so far we hear his thoughts via voiceover so it adds up to the creepiness factor. He also learns Collins' histories/legends from David and Mrs-I-Don't-Gossip-Johnson

Barnabas calling out to Willie?
One night he goes to visit the grave of Naomi Collins, who is rumoured to be buried with her jewels that'd been given by her pirate lover. Our good ol' Caretaker greets him and says Naomi's body's located in the Collins Tomb with the rest of her family. But he also warns Willie that there's an evil force in there, so he should visit during the day and definetly not at night. Willie being the ever obedient, surely goes to the tomb right away but it's entrance is locked. The caretaker follows him and insists he should come back the next day. Just as Willie starts to back way, he (and he alone) hears the heartbeat from the crypt~

The season is over. However, unlike regular TV shows, there was only a 5 day hiatus between episodes #209 and #210! Ain't it great ;)

So far my favorite characters have been
Liz, Maggie, Joe, Frank, Dr. Guthrie and Vicki
And least favorites are
Roger, Willie, Jason, SamLaura and Matthew

ps. This also means I've covered a total of 130 episodes ever since opening up this blog. Go me! Hope you enjoyed the ride so far~


Anonymous said...

I just watched an episode with the "new Willie" on Netflix last night! I couldn't believe it when I recognized him as the very evil creep who... nm I wont give anything away...who is in this pretty cool vampire movie Daughters of Darkness. He is actually European. I don't want to give anything away so i can't say ANOTHER thing but see the whole thing asap!
Blonde Duchess

Efe X said...

Haha alright, just tell me around which episode this "thing" you mean is, cause I like Willie now and would hate to see him turn into an ass again ;)

Think I've heard about DoD but Dark Shadows doesn't allow me to watch much else nowadays~ Maybe after May 2012 (:

Melis said...

I don't get one thing, what's with the heartbeat sounds coming from the portrait, isn't Barnabas supposed to be the vampire? :)

Efe X said...

Yeah I didn't get the heartbeat thing at first either..can't say I still do actually. It's one of those unexplained supernatural things special to this show~

ML said...

the actor playing Willie II is John Karlen. He was also in DoD but he's not European. He's from Brooklyn. His parents, tho, were Polish immigrants.