Sunday, August 14, 2011

Out of the Past & Down The Stairs

Mysteries lead to more mysteries (well..actually it's not so hard to figure it out but then I was unfortunate enough to be spoilt about Laura's phoenixness) and to a certain accident in episodes #151-155~

  • David tells about his mother's visit the previous night to Liz with the proof of the handkerchief. He once again loves Laura.
If David were around the age of
puberty, I'd crack a joke or two.

  • Still jealous, Carolyn badmouths Laura to Liz and Roger, revealing Burke's affair thingie with her. 
If you can't beat 'em; gossip about 'em!

  • Carolyn and David have a bickering-free friendly talk for the first time ever. She doesn't want him to go away with his mother. Roger, on the other hand, wishes him gone and tries to sweet talk him into it.
The Devil & The Floozy on each shoulder

  • Later, Roger gets a call where he learns the body in Phoenix is definetly identified as Laura Collins. Lt. Riley shows proofs of dental records and blood types but Laura insists she doesn't know anything about the fire, which Roger doesn't really buy. She agrees to a medical examination nonetheless.
Laura plays the innocent

  • Driving back from a romantic dinner in town with Frank, Vicki once again goes into a quasi-trance like state where she detects a poweful scent of jasmine and gives directions to a place she's never been before: a chapel next to a cemetary. Vicki knowingly knocks on the door to Frank's skepticism and an old caretaker opens the door just before they give up. He asks them if they are alive or ghosts. Upon Vicki's insistance, he shows them the Stockbridge family mausoleum where only people who suffered horrible deaths are kept. They stop at a certain tomb: L. Murdoch Stockbridge who married into the Stockbridge family and died by fire. Frank, remembering the name Murdoch as Laura's maiden name, now believes they were supposed to see this. Vicki claims it was Josette who made them come here.
The plot thickens

  • Arriving in Collinwood, the confused couple joins Roger and Laura (who were busy discussing Burke Devlin situation, to Mrs. Johnson's sharp ears). Vicki tries to find out more about Laura's past who claims to come from one of "the oldest and wealthiest families" in the area. Roger then shares the "funny" information from Arizona that the burnt body was identified as Laura's. Vicki and Frank share a look.
Double Date

  • The next day, Mrs Johnson the Iron Lady tells Burke about previous night's talk about him: that Laura said she was "passifying" Burke. Burke gets mad and says she won't backstab him to which Mrs Johnson replies "Isn't that what she did to you ten years ago" and I actually let out a sound of joy and relief! Hail Sarah Johnson!!
Johnson makes Devlin her bitch!

  • David gets a music box as a gift from his mother but is told to keep it secret. He does keep it, for like two minutes, until Liz catches him with it. David hates Liz now and Liz hates Laura.
Made in China?

  • Burke visits Laura in her cottage where she plays the passive aggressive to Burke's accusations. They fight, they kiss (well this is a soap opera afterall) and then BAM...Liz catches them on the job! Liz openly tells Laura to leave Collinwood as soon as possible. Threats fly back and forth..Laura says she won't leave without David and no power on earth can stop her!
The Six Million Dollar Stare

  • After the quarrel, Liz is back at Collinwood and starts to feels dizzy. We see Laura's eyes stare into the fire and Liz, feeling overwhelmed, screams for help right before collapsing down the stairs. BITCH NOW YOU DID IT!!!!
Liz plays dead

There's one thing about Laura that bugs me. I can't be mad at her!! She still isn't a full blown villain. I mean yeah we see her burn things or push people down the stairs with her mind but she still seems kind and nice, especially towards David. If weird stuff hasn't been happening, I'd have given her the mother of the month award!~ But then again NOBODY CAN FUCK WITH ELIZABETH AND GET AWAY WITH IT!!!

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