Sunday, July 31, 2011

Into The Storm

It must be the storm season in Collinsport as thunder and lightning never seem to stop, literally and figuratively, in the episodes #96-99.

   Before moving on with the summaries, I'd like to take a moment to honor the infamous "pen" and tell its brief story properly as it starts to play a bigger role in the picture:

THE SILVER PEN was given as a gift to Carolyn Stoddard Collins by Burke Devlin as a random gesture. It's apparently very rare with only six copies ever made. When Carolyn's uncle Roger Collins found out about it, he insisted that it was returned to Burke, since he was the enemy of the family. He collected the pen from Carolyn, however on the night of Bill Malloy's death he lost it. Burke, aware of this, alerted Sheriff Patterson and tried to point out the connection, but was not taken seriously. Days later, Victoria Winters found the pen while wandering on the beach where Malloy "died".  The rest you know (or should know, it's all written in the previous entries dammit!!)

Ok, now with that out of the way..let's go on from where we left off:

  • On the way back to Collinwood from Bangor, Vicki and his rescuer Roger get caught up in heavy rain. When Roger's car stalls, they take refuge in an abandoned barrack where they swap disgusting jokes about honeymoons and marriage, then Roger suddenly snaps, shakes Vicki ("withold it you little idiot!!") and warns her about not bringing up the subject of the pen to anyone. When they are saved by Sheriff Patterson, Vicki says nothing of the pen and her suspicions of Burke Devlin being the killer.
The Honeymoon Suite

  • The next morning, Vicki is hesitant to face the members of the Collins family. Carolyn is still an annoying adolescent and acts like it. Liz and Vicki have an honest(!) talk about her having no connection to the Collins family once again. Vicki leaves and Roger tries to have Vicki fired..again. Elizabeth is very protective of Vicki against Roger for some reason.

  • Vicki visits Sam Evans to look at Betty Hanscome's portrait once again. As a gesture of kindness Sam gives it to her as a gift! Back in Collinwood upon seeing  it, Liz and Roger try to be casual about not seeing the resemblance but Carolyn jumps in and asks Vicki when she had her portrait done. Vicki throws a knowing look.
Vicki and her mom?

  • Mrs Johnson starts working in Collinwood (to Matthew the caretaker's annoyance) and snooping around like there's no tomorrow. She is told to remain off the closed off wing and the basement . Of course she goes down to the basement late at night only to find David there. David quickly makes the connection between Mrs Johnson and Burke Devlin working together. She dismisses but comes to an unspoken understanding with him, as David is totally in love with Burke. When David leaves for bed, Mrs Johnson hears the sobbing sound coming from the pad-locked door, to her utter horror!
Not a glitch in the Matrix!

  • The next morning, Mrs Johnson overhears Vicki warning Carolyn about Burke Devlin about how he's dangerous without giving the juicy details away. She meets Burke in his hotel room and reports everything (David's discovery of their arrangement to the sobbing and Vicki's statements of him). Burke dismisses the idea of sobbing as a glitch in the ventilation system but is surprised to hear about Vicki.
Burke asks Carolyn out on a date
to ruin the family from inside

  • Back at the house, Carolyn gets a call from Burke asking out for a date and once again becomes a ball of sunshine. When Vicki wants to talk her out of it Carolyn tries to prove how much Burke cares about her by finally telling about the pen (and how uncle Roger lost it). Vicki gets terrified!!

I usually cover 5 episodes in a post, but since the next episode is the glorious #100, I will do a seperate entry just for the fun of it! Hope some insane shit happens!! Cheers~


Melis said...

I don't know why she keeps the pen thing to herself, to prolong the story line? :p

ps: I will read the rest soon, but now there's this blue blue sea calling out to me hehe *evil*

Efe X said...

ahahaha bitch!
i'm shocked that you read, if i were you i'd have thrown my phone into the sea :)