Friday, July 29, 2011

Road Trip! part two

The extraordinary stories from the Bangor trip continues~

    Dinner with two Garners
  • Frank Garner and Vicki are still having dinner and swapping niceties. Later Frank's father Richard joins them in a successful try at third wheelin' and tells Vicki not to get her hopes high about finding any information in the firm's archieve concerning her family. Frank boos his father's negative attitude and noticing his son's interest in the young woman, Richard reminds him that their client is Elizabeth Stoddard, not Vicki. When the old man leaves, Vicki tells a dramatic story about her years in orphanage and her adventures in Collinwood (from getting locked up to Malloy's ghost, to which Frank just laughs). She feels like she belongs there.

Unlikely Foursome
  • Back in Collinsport, Joe and Carolyn run into Maggie and her father Sam Evans in the local bar, the Blue Whale. Carolyn, acting like a ball of utter joy, invites them to their table to show she's totally OK with the dinner date Joe & Maggie had the other day make Maggie jealous. Maggie is saddened by the sight of Joe & Carolyn. Carolyn mentions Vicki's experience with Bill Malloy's ghost, to which Sam Evans reacts suspiciously (refer. götü uçuklamak). And when Carolyn mentions Vicki & Burke being in Bangor together with an undertone of resent, Joe snaps and tells Carolyn he won't be her buttmonkey whenever Burke isn't around. They leave in a hurry, fighting and poor Maggie smiles for the first time that night. Later Joe returns and Sam asks him to walk Maggie home to which he says yes with pleasure, but not before the two flirt by talking about boats again.
Maggie shows her knowledge of boats

  • Burke and his business advisor James Blair (we saw him a couple of other times before but zzz boring) arrive in the same restaurant as Vicki and Frank. Burke asks Vicki if she'll go back to Collinsport with him as he's leaving later that night. She accepts the offer but has to explain there's nothing between them to Frank. They agree on a second date once he looks up her past. 

Mr. Blair has a few words to say
about the infamous pen
  • When Frank leaves, Vicky joins Burke's table where she sees James Blair use the exact duplicate of the pen she'd found at the beach where Malloy was killed. He tells her it was a gift from Burke Devlin and Burke's own pen is missing. Vicky, assuming Burke killed Bill Malloy, panics and calls Frank. When she can't reach him, she calls Collinwood and Roger Collins answers. She asks him to come pick her up as she suspects she's in danger from Burke (and tells the whole story). Roger, also in panic for his own reasons, asks her to wait and not talk about it with anyone, especially Burke. Later Vicki tells a half arsed lie to Burke about why not going with him and waits..

That's it so far.. What awaits our characters remains shrouded in a cloud of mist and seaweed!~

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