Monday, July 25, 2011

Introduction to Drama 101: Bill


Not a clump of seaweed!
     The lifeless body of Collins Fishing Fleet and Canary's manager was discovered by Vicky and Carolyn when they were out on the Widows' Hill one night and they saw it down on the shore. They rushed into the house and told what they'd seen. Elizabeth sent Matthew the caretaker to the scene to confirm the claim. He came back saying it was only a trick of the moonlight and what they'd seen was nothing but a clump of seaweed. It took some persuasion to change their minds but they accepted it in the end. However, sometime later Matthew admited to Elizabeth that it was the body of Bill Malloy (who'd gone missing recently) and he let it go back in the ocean cause he didn't want outsiders prying and disturbing his mistress' comfort. Angry but understanding his reasoning, Elizabeth reported the incident to the sheriff. She was also very sad as Bill was not only her trusted employee but also her friend. His body was later found by the coastguard and sent for autopsy.

     Just before Malloy went missing, he had planned a meeting with Burke, Roger and Sam to finally reveal the truth about the old car accident. While waiting for the autopsy result, Burke went around accusing Roger and Sam for the death, so sure he was murdered. Both Roger and Sam showed suspicious behaviors and both had a reason to keep Bill Malloy quiet. 

     It was determined he died at a closeby shore and got carried to the Widows' Hill by the tide. He had a blow to his head but it could have been inflicted postmortem by the rocks. Then the autopsy result came and it was ruled out as "accidental death due to drowning".

Burke vs The Collins
     After the news Roger showed emotions of utter joy. Sam was sorta relieved as it's hard to tell from his ever-sour face. But Burke Devlin was furious and declared open war against the Collins'. He took Mrs Johnson, Malloy's housekeeper under his wings and planned a scheme to uncover the truth from within.

The infamous pen
     Then recently, a strange thing has happened. Victoria, while walking around at the beach where Bill was supposed to have drowned, found a pen, which belonged to Burke Devlin but was in Roger's possession at the time.

     Since this is neither a romantic quest to find one's origin nor an act of revenge for an accident that happened over a decade ago, the death of Bill Malloy remains the most pressing mystery in Collinsport.

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