Sunday, July 24, 2011

Introduction to Drama 101: Victoria

OK, before moving on with the episodes (I'm still stuck on #80 while helping my millions of loyal fans catch up BUT the clock on the left is ticking) here are the main plots of the show so far:


Can it be~?
     Though the start point of the show, not much has been done about it as Miss Winters herself had to be involved in other events. So far, the only thing she's done is to discuss it with people, mostly with Elizabeth asking her why she choose her for the job and Elizabeth always found some excuses such as she'd been suggested by a family friend and such. But we know she's lying. Burke Devlin also had a file on her (as he was determined to destroy the Collins family, he also had Vicky checked out by a private detective) but it wasn't very helpful. One more important thing came up when she was invited to have dinner at the Evans': She found a painting of a woman that looks exactly like her. Sam explained it was about 25 years old and the woman, named Betty, had disappeared after the portrait was finished.


Melis said...

the mother you think?
or maybe she's a ghost but doesn't know it herself :p

Efe X said...

Maybe she is Melis, maybe she iiis~
Liz is also a strong but obvious candidate. Maybe she's her aunt?
nını-nını nını-nını (that's twilight zone)