Thursday, July 28, 2011

Road Trip! interlude

As some of our characters were on an amazing adventure featuring lawyers, dinner dates, new love affairs and thankfully no seaweed (so far)...'s what happened in Collinwood

  • Roger & Elizabeth try to figure out whether Vicki and Burke's synchronous visit to Bangor is a coincidence or planned, which gives Roger a reason to convince Liz to fire Vicki. Liz insists on saying she choose Vicki cause she was an ordinary girl. (LIES!!)

  • The jealous Carolyn also informs her mother about Vicki's reasons for going to Bangor (the portrait and the name) but Liz says Betty Hanscome looked nothing like Vicki. We also learn Betty was either the daughter or niece of the butler Hanscome (nobody remembers his first name it seems) and that they moved away.

  • Liz also tells the story of Ned Calder*, the man she was in love with before marrying Carolyn's father (who was more in love with the family money, that bastard) but she didn't accept his wedding proposal and he left. She says Ned was like Carolyn's Joe and if she doesn't want to lose him, she'd better make amends. She calls Joe for a date and flutters out of the room, saying how wonderful the world is (no amount of eye rolling would do justice)

  • David draws a picture of Bill Malloy's ghost. Roger slaps him.

*Ned Calder was mentioned previously some time ago when Liz called him for a job offer which he refused. Whether or not he'll make an appearence is to be seen.

Unrelated But As Important!

Stories from the Bangor adventure are TO BE CONTINUED...

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