Thursday, July 28, 2011

Road Trip! part one

The scenery changes in the episodes #91-95, as the story is taken to a nearby city, Bangor, which has only been briefly visited a couple of times so far.

  • Thankfully without dragging it for too long, or long at all, Vicki (it's apparently with an "I" now) remembers who the name B.Hanscombe belongs to. Carolyn suggests asking about it to her mother but Vicki refuses knowing Liz always beats around the bush when it comes to Vicki's lineage. Instead, she decides to go to Bangor to visit the law firm Garner & Garner on her own (and tells Carolyn to keep it a secret). She asks Liz for a few days off and is rightfully granted, having dealt with nightmares and ghosts and seaweed. 

  • In town, Carolyn's effort to see Burke blows up in her face when Burke, upon hearing the news of Malloy's ghost, insists to drive Vicki to Bangor (he frequently visits that city on business/dark-scheming-to-tear-down-the-Collins-family basis) which drives Carolyn out of her mind. She rushes back to Collinwood to her mother and declares how much she hates Vicki and we wanna slap her. She also slips Vicki's going to Bangor with Burke. We wanna slap her more!

    Fastest Moodslinger In The West
    • Driving to Bangor, Burke asks about the ghost and with the answer he seems convinced that Malloy was indeed murdered. Vicki once again declares she stays in neutral ground in the battle between Burke vs the Collins
    Road Trippin'

    • The next morning, Vicki has a talk with the old and polite owner of the law firm, Richard Garner who tells her the only Hanscome he knew was the butler in Collinwood (DAT DAT DAAA!!) and the paper she found is a 20-25 y.o. ledger sheet with the names of all the cooks, gardeners, housekeepers etc. that used to work in there (til Liz let go off them when her husband left, speak of post break up depression). 
    Garner & Garner

    • Then enter the charming son and the other half of Garner & Garner and the potential love interest for Vicki: Frank Garner! He shows more interest in Vicki than his father and promises to look through every single file until he finds something. The two later have a lunch date where Vicki learns Richard Garner was the Collins family's lawyer at Burke's trial.

    • Meanwhile in his office, Richard Garner calls Liz to inform her about Vicki's visit and questions and says he has everything under control. Hmph..lawyers!!

    as a lot of things happen in the Bangor episodes, this entry is 


    Melis said...

    *gasp* devious lawyers! what a suprise :D

    Efe X said...

    frank isn't like his father (: