Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Another five episodes (#86-90) have passed and here's the situation:

    Two Kisses
  • Burke and Carolyn kiss in Burke's hotel room. After she leaves, he makes clear for us that he's using her (yes he speaks to himself). 
  • Meanwhile, Maggie and Joe have a date at her place, talking about boats and stuff. Joe's impressed and Maggie is definetly in love. They agree on another date and Joe puts a lil kiss on Maggie's cheek (she totally looked like she'll write it in her diary right after he left, though bet she's gonna say it was a kiss on the lips for the sake of dramatic licence)
  • With everybody kissing and Vicky still missing, Liz finds out about David's key to the closed off section and takes it away and doesn't even relate it to Victoria. But she doesn't forget to punish David with severe kissing! (She's the caring aunt afterall)

    Secret Passage
  • But Roger doesn't buy David's innocent act (like father; like son) and shocks us by opening a secret door to the closed-off-wing by simply pushing a button in the drawing room, a system only he knows obviously. He sneaks in when everyone's sleeping and finds the room Vicky was locked in. We think he's gonna let her rot in there forever but instead he does this: Makes ghostly sounds, tells her to leave Collinwood, bangs on the door (hence the title of the post) til she almost faints and then heroically opens the door to save her (puh-leaze). Our innocent Vicky, who so far has only been gently forcing the door or calling silently for help, fall for it and jumps into Roger's evil evil arms, sobbing.
Saved by the Devil

  • The next morning, everybody has learnt about Bill Malloy's visit from the beyond and Vicky decides to leave Collinwood...again (so far she's tried two or three other times). Carolyn the spoiled princess shows intimacy towards Vicky (course she would, now that she got kissed by Burke that slut) and insists that she stays (as she actually needs a friend to gossip about Burke, her words not mine)

    The infamous seaweed
  • Liz & Roger, bothered by the news of the ghost sighting, decide to go to that room to find some evidence (some other time I would have questioned the logic of it if it weren't for the seaweed on the floor) and actually do find the it, still wet and drippin'. They now believe Vicky. Then Liz burns it in the fireplace and asks Matthew to change the locks on the door opening to the closed off wing (totally unaware of Roger's Scooby-Doo style secret panel in the drawing room).
    • David isn't even remotely punished. Vicky, as she's too nice a person, feels sorry for him. We learn more about his dark side, how much he loves funerals and how he plays games about them, specially that of his father's. He also used to have a kitten which he loved...and drowned. And when he learns about Vicky's experience with Bill Malloy's ghost, he says he loves her too, now that he's not the only one who can see them. We also learn he usually speaks to two ghosts in the room he locked Vicky in, Josette Collins' and one other unnamed girl.
    Ghost Buddies

    • Vicky and Carolyn also visit that room (well, they've built the set, they gotta use it) but they can't find the seaweed (this show seriously needs an academical analysis of its association with seaweed). However, among the clutter of old stuff, Vicky finds a paper belonging to Liz's law firm Garner & Garner and on it written the name, B. Hanscombe which sounds familiar but she can't remember (I wouldn't have either if I hadn't looked it up the other day for an's the full name of the woman, Betty, who Sam Evans drew a portrait of). So it should definetly convince Vicky to change her mind about leaving once she remembers

    • Oh and something about Burke trying to buy the rival fishing company and Collins' employees by throwing money into their faces. Zzz~

    ps. I really loved the consistent thunder & lightning effects throughout the episodes of Vicky's lockdown, it added to the mood big time.


    Melis said...

    :o that evil face Roger! though I'm a bit annoyed at Vicky. Does she have to be such a typical damsel in distress?

    Efe X said...

    Oh yeah, that Roger character was perfectly cast!

    As to Vicky, that's the definition of her role sadly. But she can be a little cheeky when she wants to ;)

    wonder how she'll be done in the films?