Saturday, July 23, 2011

Who's Who part II

moving on to the townies,

Sam Evans

A painter who somehow got involved with Burke's manslaughter case. Got paid a large amount of hush money at the time by Roger Collins. Has been somewhat of an alcoholic ever since. After Burke's return to town, he has been on the edge of breaking down. Gets pushed around by Roger to keep quiet. This secret has fouled his relationship with his daughter Maggie. A good man caught in a bad situation. (I can't stand him, he's such a passive character that's only good at sulking. If I watch this show when I'm tired, my mind always wanders off during his scenes. Kill him ALREADY!!)

Maggie Evans
Daughter of Sam, Maggie is a waitress at the local diner. She's a laid back, happy-go-lucky sort of person. Worried about her father's suspicious behaviours. She made friends with Vicky when she first arrived in town. Used to like Burke when he would pose for her father's paintings when they were younger but right now she's resentful towards him and Roger Collins for causing her father problems. She isn't very fond of the Collins family and their house, Collinwood. Recently, started to show some affection to Joe Haskell, Carolyn's boyfriend. (A very decent character. I like her more when she works with Vicky to uncover the secrets, it gives the show a momentum. The actress wore a horrible short blonde wig during her first appearance, then it got lost..for better)

Joe Haskell
An honest local guy, working as a fisherman at the Collins fishing fleet. He hangs on to the idea of marrying his girlfriend Carolyn one day, despite her obvious distance to the offer. Is very cold towards Burke Devlin as Carolyn is interested in him. He has a very good relationship with Elizabeth but Carolyn's uncle Roger doesn't think of him highly, since he's a mere fisherman. (Like him, but his only distinctive trait seems to be being in love with Carolyn. I read he gets together with Maggie at one point. Good for them!! Guess, we'll just sit and wait.)

Bill Malloy

He was the manager of the Collins Fishing Fleet and Cannery before dying under mysterious circumstances. Before his death, learning of Burke Devlin's intentions of bringing down the Collins family, he agreed to work with him to expose the truth about the accident 10 years ago. In return, Burke would leave Elizabeth and her daughter alone. He seemed to have discovered the connection between Roger, Sam & the accident but before he could go any further with it, his dead body appered on the shores of Widows' Hill, where Collinwood is located and started the ongoing mystery of "Who Killed Bill Malloy?" Although recently, his death was ruled out as accident by the coroner, the unsatisfied Burke is set to uncover the mystery surrounding his death. (He was a good actor and a good character, that's all I can say. RIP)

Sheriff George Patterson
Well, he is the sheriff of the town. He claims his loyalties are not bought by the Collins family and he does a fair job but Burke doesn't believe him. The death of Bill Malloy surely forced him to work overtime. His office is visited barged into by every suspect in the case who wanted to get a piece of information from him...or his desk, literally. He works hard to establish his authority, to no avail. (His coffee is terrible.. so I heard)

Sarah Johnson
Mrs. Johnson is a new addition to the series but she was previously mentioned a lot. She had been Bill Malloy's housekeeper for many many years, she was practically his wife (they didn't share a bed, she said. She wished they did;) Sort of unstable, she strongly believes he was killed. Recently formed a hidden alliance with Burke Devlin in a plot where she is set to move up to the Collinwood as a housekeeper and be his inside agent. Clever!! (She's new and crazy but I like watching her. She's supposed to go for the job for almost 10 episodes or so. I hate the soap logic sometimes! Go on already!!! Should be fun to watch her work on the inside, unless of course David the little devil pushes her off the Widows' Hill or something)

~ fin (so far)


Caner Luele said...

*hahahha another honest fisherman :D

** i guess it is sam made you understand how i felt when i told you i wouldnt watch buffy any more... =)

Efe X said...

No no Sam is just boring!
There's a recent character called Willie that made me want to throw the TV out the window but he's alright now, I actually kind of like him...

..the lesson here is to be patient ;)

The Daughter of God and Alexandre Dumas said...

You like Mrs. Johnson? If you ask me I don't know which one is worst, her or Laura? And she is extremely stupid, but then so are the writers (I pointing to the episode when she spills everything she know to a woman associated with fire if you know what I mean). Malloy's true reason of death can be that he couldn't stand any more of her constant babbling.

Efe X said...

Mrs Johnson, when she first arrived, was sort of fun to watch. I especially love her bickerings with David; it's somewhat of a comic relief!

But I know exactly what you mean, I hate her since the episode you mentioned ;)