Sunday, July 24, 2011

Introduction to Drama 101: Burke


     Ten years ago, a man died in a car crash. When his then-friend Roger Collins testified against him at the court, Burke was charged guilty, sentenced to five years in prison (kinda short, don't ya think?). He spent another five years going around and getting very rich (tell me how and I'll go now) before coming back to Collinwood to do one thing and one thing only: Avenge his unjust imprisonment and destroy Roger Collins and the Collins Dynasty (OK, maybe more than one thing). 
Revenge on the rocks
     As the show progressed, we learnt Burke and Roger were bff's back in the day. Burke was seeing a woman named Laura, whom we also learn married Roger after the trial (Also the minor mystery of what had happened between Roger & Laura will unravel after the #125th episode as she will join the cast). Burke was drunk at the time of the accident but is positively sure Roger was driving the car, not himself. 
     Sam Evans, the local artist, also somehow got involved, probably as a witness. He was bribed by Roger but has been rather stressful since Burke came back. In case something happened to him, he handed a letter that explains the whole deal to his daughter Maggie who put it away in a safe. The existence of the letter is known to Roger and it seems it'll play a big part in the future.
     Bill Malloy, using his intuition, almost solved the case in an attempt to help the other innocent members of the Collins Family out of Burke's clutches.
     He was very close to expose Roger and Sam when he unexpectedly died. 

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