Saturday, July 23, 2011

Who's Who

     The premise is pretty simple:
          "One night, a young woman arrives at the town of Collinsport, Maine where she's to work for the descendants of the family that built the town: The Collins. On the same train also comes a man who's come back to the town after 10 years. The arrival of these two people, who seek to uncover the truth about their pasts, will open a door to a world of mysteries and secrets that connects to the Collins family and whoever comes in contact with them."

^ Pretty neat, huh? Tried to make it sound as mysterious as possible :)

And nooow, the characters:

Victoria "Vicky" Winters
The aforementioned young woman that comes to Collinsport to work as a governess (fancy word for babysitter/tutor). She was raised and lived at an orphanage until she gets a very mysterious invitation to work for the Collins family. Thinking secrets of her past may be lying there, she accepts the job, unaware of the events that she will be sucked into. She's yet to find out anything~ (She's pretty sweet, but sometimes I wanna smack her in the face; she can be too nice even when someone's putting her down. Yet, she's one of my faves..And she has an uncanny resemblance to her)

Burke Devlin

Used to be resident of the town, Burke, now a rich man, comes back for revenge after spending 5 years in prison for a manslaughter charge he claims he was not guilty of. He swears revenge on the Collins family, especially on Roger Collins, his old pal and now enemy and will go any distance to uncover the truth. (Is supposed to be very charming but I don't see it. I also know this actor from Halloween 6 and Dharma & Greg but he obviously doesn't remember me or his time doing this show since he was mostly drunk during the shootings and got fired later on <---Fact!)

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard
The aristocratic matriarch of the Collins family that stays strong in the face of trouble yet has a caring nature. She kinda sorta looks like Victoria, but their connection is unknown. She's the one that sent the invitation to her. A woman with a hidden troubled past, she hasn't left the grounds of her mansion, Collinwood, in 18 years after her husband left. Very protective of her family. (She's simply delightful to watch, the way she walks, talks is simply delicious. And because she talks fast, the actress Joan Bennett has a tendency to stutter her lines and sometimes confuse the names, and it surely adds to the delightfullness;)

Roger Collins
Elizabeth's brother, the evil man on the show. Came back to town with his son a couple of months ago after some unexplained incident with his wife, Laura (who's so far only mentioned). Used to be good friends with Burke, until the car accident 10 years ago that resulted in the death of a person. Burke, drunk at the time, believes he was set up by Roger, who will use any person and any opportunity for his favour, even his own son. (I hate every moment that he's on. 'Nuff said)

Carolyn Collins Stoddard
Ever-romantic teenage daughter of Elizabeth. Lived in Collinwood all her life, she is a little naive and easy to manipulate. Though she has a boyfriend that she takes granted for, she's smitten by Burke Devlin, knowing pretty well he's after her family. Also has a crush on her uncle Roger (he calls her "kitten"..yuck! Obviously has daddy issues since she never knew hers). A little nosy and never afraid to speak her mind, she's known for her unstable mood swings. (Well, she used to be fun but recently has become annoying. I like her when she's on good terms with Victoria and not having jealous fits over Burke Devlin. The way she talks, all dreamy, is sometimes too much)

David Collins
The evil son of Roger's. Though it's quite obvious that his hard nature is due to neglect, it doesn't change the fact that this Village-Of-The-Damned runaway has attempted to kill his father by tampering with his car, started a secret friendship with the family's enemy Burke and was involved in many more shenanigans only during the first 80 episodes. The first words he spoke to Vicky, his tutor, were "I.HATE.YOU." He claims he can see and speak with ghosts of Collinwood and has a crystal ball that leads him to believe he can look into the future. Positively hates his father, is a notorious liar but torn between his loyalties to his aunt Elizabeth and Burke Devlin. (He totally has a boy crush on Burke Devlin. Despite the troublesomeness of the character, the actor is terrific!)

Matthew Morgan
The caretaker of Collinwood. Has been living on the grounds for 18 years. Very faithful to Elizabeth. His only interest is her well-being, which can be a little extreme to the point of hiding a dead body (*see Bill Malloy) and attempting murder (*Burke Devlin). Despite his bulky figure and unusual methods of portraying loyalty, his intentions seem to be good. Seems to know great deal about the secrets of Collinwood (One of those mysterious, creepy characters. The original actor was a bit older but got replaced after few episodes. Not necessarily a favorite of mine)

To be continued...

Collinwood, the big house sitting on the Widows' Hill 
130 years old.
One wing is closed off. What lies behind it is still a mystery.
As  creepy and majestic as Manderley.

ps. I shamelessly borrowed those images from the net. Hope nobody minds. 


Melis said...

I knew I recognized that Burke guy from somewhere, thanks for mentioning it right away or it would eat away at me, he's Greg's dad! tehee.
And Roger has such a typical "villain" face.

Efe X said...

I'm glad things are getting to grab your attention. The next thing you know you'll be watching the show!! :o

The Daughter of God and Alexandre Dumas said...

My thoughts exactly about Roger, he is obnoxious and intolerable. Oh, and I cannot stand Vicky's whiney voice. I simply wish Burke or David or a ghost would kill roger!

Efe X said...

Vicki gets better but I don't think Roger ever will ;)
And don't get your hopes up, he's there til the end unfortunately

Caner Luele said...

All those characters mentioned above are kind of matchable with turkish actors/actresses for me.
Funny =)

Efe X said...

ahaha, that should be fun. tell me who'd be who and i'll tell u if i agree!!

The Daughter of God and Alexandre Dumas said...

You know the more I watch, the more I love David. With people around who loves him (vicky, burke and "mother"), he is becoming a pretty sweet little boy and the actor is terrific (at least sooo much better than the one who play Roger. What idea of acting is it to open ones eyes as wide as possible as an expression of shock, fury, fear and more...

Efe X said...

David has definitely got better and the actor never ceases to amaze me. Such laid backness in a child actor is rare!