Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wow Bob Wow!*

      Alright, I'm back on the marathon again. With a strange push, I've watched 5 episodes in a row the other night (#81-85) and geez what a difference those five episodes made! Here are quick notes ~

  •    Sarah Johnson was finally invited up to Collinwood and got the job as the housekeeper! (Matthew the caretaker is kinda suspicious. Maybe he's just jealous) Also Mrs Johnson openly expressed her dislike of Burke Devlin to his face. Their partnership is officially for business.
    The agent is in!
  •     The Pen that I've mentioned before has started to cause some trouble. Burke, knowing Roger had lost it on the night of Bill Malloy's death, visits the beach where Bill had died in an attempt to find it and tie Bill's death with RogerRoger, meanwhile steals the pen from Vicky, who actually had found it, and buries it somewhere (on Widows' Hill I guess). 
Mendacity, murder and now theft

  •     Vicky blames David for the disappearance of the pen, who in return decides to get even with her. The Closed Off Section of the house is finally visited as David (who is revealed to have a key) cons Vicky into believing he hid the pen there. After circling through the dark, old corridors David locks Vicky up in an old room where David says nobody will hear her scream and ghosts will visit her at night. (It was established throughout those episodes as a legend by other characters that the locked part of the house was swarming with ghosts and ghouls)
Visit to the Dark Side

  •     Totally indifferent to the disapperance of Vicky, Carolyn the queen of mood swings shows extreme expression of emotions before/during/after Joe Haskell, who's had enough of her shit, announces he has an "innocent" dinner date with Maggie (who is now totally head over heels for him). Carolyn breaks up with him on the spot, Joe goes on to his date nonetheless and Carolyn once again flirts with a drunk Burke Devlin at the local bar and this time they look like they're really gonna eat each other.
Joe shows Carolyn who the boss is

  •     The last but the BEST: Vicky, now tired and lying on the old bed after hours of slight calls for help (my grandmother would do better..and seriously, what's with me and my grandma) wakes up to an otherworldly voice calling her name and sees the FREAKIN' GHOST OF NOBODY BUT OUR DEAR OLD BILL MALLOY (and covered in seaweed)! He warns her to leave Collinwood before she is murdered too and then vanishes. Vicky tries to convince herself that she was dreaming only to see the leftovers of the seaweed on the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!! She screams in terror at the sight of her first and our second ghost~
Not a clump of seaweed afterall!

*for more info, please visit Twin Peaks (pop. 51,201)


Melis said...

the closed off section you mean the door that wouldn't open before?

Efe X said...

no it's in the basement.

one wing of the house has been closed off for many years, i think i mentioned it in one of those who's who posts!

Melis said...

dude you try following something you've never heard of before, then judge me :p

Efe X said...

i appreciate your determination ;)