Friday, July 22, 2011

But Why?

Because I don't have anything better to do...

         I first heard of Dark Shadows not because of the remake, but cause I love Kate Jackson (last year about this time, I also had a Charlie's Angels fit) While IMDBing her to check what else she's done, I came across to DS and I was very intrigued by the idea that there was a gothic, supernatural soap opera (well there was also Passions of course). I Youtube'd some clips, rolled my eyes at it, then moved on. Also for the fact that it has 1,225 episodes and Kate Jackson was in only the last 70 or so~

         Then about 2-3 months ago, I remembered the show for some reason (maybe it was the remake?) then said what the heck I'm gonna give it a go even if it's for a couple of episodes. As of this post, I've finished watching #80 :)

          I didn't know where to start at first, the shows is sort of divided into two parts: not so famous pre-Barnabas & very famous post-Barnabas (Barnabas is apparently the name of the vampire that is THE character of the show, Johnny Depp is gonna be playing him- typecast much?). And I said do it right and start from the very beginning and I did.

         Then, while watching and occasionally telling my totally oblivious friends about what's going on in the show the idea of making a blog out of it came to me. I mean since I am watching it as my leisure activity, it surely has an amazing amount of value and importance to share with the rest of the world. Right?

          So here it is, my Dark Shadows soap opera online diary. I know very little about the show. I know from #120-something on, supernatural elements will be featured more. #220 will be the arrival of the vampire Barnabas and other beings. The show will have seasons of time-travel, parallel universes and will move on from being black & white to color! But I don't know bout the mysteries and storylines that are to unfold in front of me, and if a fan of the show ever happens to visit this blog (I'm expecting hundreds and hundreds of fans -pampişes even-) please do not post spoilers, but I may like to be teased like a virgin (watched for the very first time) 

          I don't have a mission statement, but if I did it would be to watch every friggin episode until the time remake comes out, May 11th 2012, which also happens to be my BIRTHDAY! See this show and I were meant to be together and that is reason enough~ (note to self: get a job)

ps. First I wanted to do this blog in Turkish, my language by default, 'cause I was proudly raised by my grandmother to watch soap operas while talking about/commenting on/cursing at whatever's happening on the screen but then I had millions of my devoted fans to consider :( I think I'll switch every now and then, that şırfıntı/floozy Carolyn brings out that part in me.

ps. Like how my preference of coloring for the links reflects the fact that soap operas are known in Turkish as "pembe dizi/ pink series"? (I'm actually scared I will have to hand my genitals over to the police of masculinity when this is all over)

ps. I don't really like Mariah Carey. (I might as well keep 'em;)

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