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Widow Suicides

As the wedding approaches Elizabeth goes through what the experts call "the bridal madness" in Episodes #266-270

Welcome to the Widows Club
Liz has a dream where she's standing on Widow's Hill and the ghosts of widows, looking like Trio Bulgarka, eerily and repeatedly call her name just like they did to MatthewLiz jumps off the cliff.

The next morning she is in such an absent mood that she combs her hair into a Dark Vader helmet. She defeatedly accepts Jason's every demand about the wedding just to get him off her back and go for a walk. 

Seriously Liz, is that what you
wear to your own suicide?
She stands on Widow's Hill for hours and Mrs. Johnson comes looking for her worried. They talk about the wedding reception that'll involve 20-30 people. Being a strong independent woman herself, Mrs Johnson asks whether her heart really is in that marriage. Then the subject comes to the legend of the widows. Liz says it is no legend and recites the names and stories of three women who killed themselves here. The legend has it that they're waiting for a fourth one. Liz feels faint and almost tumbles down but Mrs Johnson grabs and moves her away.

In the house, Jason, as a make-believe sentimental gesture, gives Liz some piece of jewellery that once belonged to his mother as a wedding present. She accepts without arguing like sheep to the slaughter. Vicki sticks with Liz and voices her annoyance. When they're gone, Mrs Johnson talks to Vicki about Liz's situation and what happened at the Hill.

Barnabas saves his cousin
Later that night in her room, Liz hears the widows call her name in the wind. She returns to Widow's Hill and moves closer to the edge and looks down in a pensive mood. Barnabas, watching her from the bushes, sneaks up from behind and grabs her. Liz screams but he manages to calm her down. He says he didn't want to startle her and cause an accident. They talk about death and how it can be a bliss or torment, which Barnabas seems to be feeling.

Back at Collinwood, Liz's absent mindedness doesn't escape DavidBarnabas speaks to him about "the little girl" he met around the Old House and suggests he simply avoids her in the future.

Then, he tells Vicki that he's worried about Liz cause she looked like she was ready to jump. He tries to get Vicki to spend some time with him but is annoyed to learn about her date with Burke.

During their date at Blue Whale, Vicki voices her complaints about life in Collinwood. Burke flirtily suggests she quits that job and works for him as an assistant (Mm, someone has an office fantasy). He also says he's having Jason checked up on by private detectives but Vicki thinks it won't do any good.

Concealed farewells
The next day is the day before the wedding and Liz's obsessively looking at the Collins Family bible, especially the page that has her birth date. She acts like it's her last day and insists she spent time with David and Carolyn. She respectively tells them to know she loves them no matter what and they should remember the good times. Roger also finds out that she's been discussing her will with her lawyer.

Liz literally signs her own death
Liz, back in her room, opens the family bible and writes down that day's date as her death date. Then she heads to the Widow's Hill as the widows call her. Meanwhile downstairs, Carolyn shares her mother's strange behaviour with Vicki who goes up to her room to check on her. Liz isn't there but Vicki notices the family bible and the addition Liz made.

Brought back to life
Vicki stops Liz before she can jump. She tries to reason with her, claiming this would destroy Carolyn, not the secret Liz's been harbouring for 18 years. Liz sees the logic of it and the two hug. Liz is thankful that Vicki made her see some hope when she was so ready to take her life.

They go back to the house having bounded closer than ever although Liz still isn't bouncing up and down with life. Vicki even stands up to Liz against Jason's constant nagging and looks ready to punch his face in. Jason has the wedding ring ready but Liz strongly insists she won't wear it before the wedding.

Court orders and reports
may break my bones..
Burke has a report on Jason's illegal activities (extortion, smuggling etc) and he's wanted in many countries. He takes it up to Collinwood and tries to make Liz see the truth with some push from VickiJason walks in on this meeting and laughs at the report saying it doesn't bother him or Liz and makes her admit it doesn't. Because he's a smirky lil asshole, Jason invites Burke to the wedding ceremony.

Say "hi" to snoopy Carolyn
Soo, it's the day of the wedding and Carolyn is in Jason's room trashing the place for a clue that'd give an idea what he has against her mother. She finds a diary, breaks the lock and indulges herself in a good read when Jason comes in. Carolyn drops the diary which Jason claims he isn't keeping to write down his dirty deeds. But then again, we can always imagine:

Dear Diary,
You will never NEVER believe what happened today. Elizabeth killed her husband Paul. He was like my best  pal!!!!!! Can you believe the balls on that girl, she so gangsta! And guess what we did...we buried him in a secret room in the basement! Aahaha it was hilarious, you should have seen the expression on Paul's dead face. He is like OMFG WTF?                    
LOLz good day..

Say "hello" to drunk Carolyn
Anyways so they shout back and forth and Jason suggests she leaves Collinwood by tomorrow as he's the man of the house (such a man!!). Carolyn storms out and hits the bar in the middle of the day. Joe walks in and tries to convince her that marrying Buzz is going to make Jason happier if he wants her gone. It gives Carolyn another idea so she asks Joe to take her to Collinwood as she has a wedding to crash.

Once at the house, she takes out a gun from a drawer and puts it in her purse, her eyes screaming murder. Then she joins the others; RogerVickiBurkeJasonThe Judge and the bride herself (hardly the 20-30 guests they've been planning...and where the heck are David or Mrs Johnson for that matter?) The Judge inconveniently shares the memories of Liz & Paul's wedding ceremony and Carolyn keeps checking on her gun. They take their places, the regular yada yada speech and finally the question is asked to Liz
An event of joy
As she forces herself for an answer, Vicki hangs her head down in shame, Carolyn starts to take the gun out of her purse but the big bomb comes from Liz when she shouts "No, I can't" and unexpectedly confesses killing her ex husband and identifies Jason as her accomplice right there on the spot! The mouths are open with shock, Carolyn drops her purse on the floor and I'm on my feet cheering and clapping!!!!

Go Team Liz!!!
There's one confusion though about the legend of the widows. Wasn't there supposed to be 2 women that jumped to their deaths (first being Josette) and they were waiting for a 3rd one? I think the widows were established as women who were kept away from the Hill when Jeremiah Collins built the house and they haunt the place after their non-suicidal regular deaths. But then, Frank Garner was written off without an explanation so I may understand this slight change in the story.

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